10th Costeas Geitonas MUN (CGS MUN) Recap

by Alex Sideris on January 14, 2016


Opening Ceremony of the 10th CGS MUN (c)CGSMUN

As every year, the past month the 10th annual edition of the Costeas Geitonas High School MUN took place in Athens, Greece. CGS MUN is one of the oldest and most prominent conferences in the wider South European region and is the ‘’home conference’’ to some of this year’s THIMUN Secretariat Members such as George Karchimakis who will serve as a Deputy at THIMUN.

The annual theme was “Global Reform and Ethics’’, and with 10 committees , it gathered more than 600 international delegates. Special attention should be given to the Environmental Commission which consisted of two subcommittees and had really heated debates on topics such as the environmental impact of the renewable energy industry and radioactive waste. One of the Deputies, Mr Kyriakou, underlined the passion of the first timers and their active participation. 

EC Subcommittee in Session (c) CGSMUN

One more interesting committee was the Youth Assembly, which discussed topics such as advertising ethics as well as  fossil renewable sources of energy. Moreover, the Special Conference on Global Reform and Ethics (SPECON) debated on topics derived from the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals, including the right to privacy in the digital era! The International Court of Justice deliberated on maritime delimitation issues currently being debated at the real ICJ as well!

Another happy surprise was the amazing level of cooperation and balance between the MUN Directors and the students. Three outstanding teachers, Mrs. Christina Myrisi, Mrs. Eleni Koffa and Mrs. Olga Giovanni, alongside with experienced MUNers such as Stelios Sampanis, Thanasis Kyritsis, and George Raptis offered a prestigious annual conference with high expectations for the years to come. It is always inspirational to have MUN Directors who “want everyone to mature as worldwide students”, and “are keen to cherish the newly founded friendships”.

To conclude; Three days of intense debating, exciting socials as well and a truly remarkable team. We will be looking forward to the 11th CGS MUN!


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