13 Things We All Did In Our First Conference

by Joey Moore on February 2, 2017

Of course, our first Model UN conference is not the peak of our MUN careers. It’s not always that easy! However, since then, we’ve learned how to become better delegates through more practice and knowing your do’s and don’ts!

Here is a list of some MUN faux pas we probably did at our first conference:

  1. Sat awkwardly and watched blocs being formed during unmod giphy
  2. Blanked on what to say in the middle of speakinggiphy (10)
  3. Flooded your speeches with “like”s and “umm”strudeau
  4. Thought “Point of Inquiry? What is that?” every time a new motion was entertainedgiphy (3)
  5. Tried to cram too much into one 30-second speechfast talking
  6. Ran towards the guy who sounds like he knows what he is doing during unmodgiphy (5)
  7. Literally dying during your first speechcrying
  8. Crammed weeks worth of research into one night after the first committee sessionkermit
  9. Not knowing whether to introduce yourself as your actual name or your countrygiphy (8)
  10. Automatically supporting the attractive delegates planbill clinton
  11. Making obscure motionsparks rec
  12. Being overjoyed when you finally get an unmod giphy (7)
  13. Acted a lot better than you actually are

giphy (9)

If you’re thrown into Model UN, it can be overwhelming! As always, we’re here to help. Our theme for February is “How to Train New Delegates”! Stay tuned for tips on how to go into committee feeling confident and prepared!

P.S. For those of you who have never had to encounter these instances because you haven’t participated in a Model UN conference yet, here is what you need to know to avoid them!

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