The First Ever EagleMUNC!

by Emily on May 1, 2012

Dear Model UN Coordinators,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Model United Nations Programs from across the United States to attend the inaugural session of EagleMUNC, Boston College’s first Model United Nations Conference. In celebration of the University’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary, Boston College has proudly thrown its support behind what promises to be among the most innovative, intellectual, and interactive conferences on the circuit. We hope you will join us as we venture into Asian Pacific geopolitics and the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, and once and for all change what is expected from a Model UN conference.

The staff at EagleMUNC firmly believes that we have designed a multifaceted conference that will introduce unprecedented Model UN programs and features. This begins with our comprehensive University Admissions Program, which will highlight the fact that Model UN delegates make up many of the strongest college applicants in the United States. In collaboration with the Director of Admissions, EagleMUNC will proudly host a series of delegate University tours, as well as small group sessions with Admissions Office Officials to discuss how to best display their abilities as delegates and applicants to Boston College and beyond.

We have capped the size of our conference in order to offer an unprecedented degree of Crisis Integration. Each delegate, through a fully integrated crisis on the Asian Pacific, will feel pressure from national lobbyists, bureaucrats, NGO’s, and influential individuals, in order to fully simulate representation in the United Nations. And as a product of the resolutions, decisions, and actions taken by our delegates, the talented EagleMUNC production team will produce a revolutionary EagleMUNC Epilogue Documentary.” By fusing in-committee footage and resolution analysis with historical and modern day newscasts, speeches, and political footage, delegates will see the five, ten, and twenty-year international “fallout” to EagleMUNC.

I encourage you to visit to explore the rest of our conference opportunities, including the EagleMUNC Academy and the Three-Degree Simulation, in order to fully understand everything that Boston College has to offer your delegates and program. Please feel free to contact me with any further inquiries, and I look forward to welcoming many of you to the Heights on December 1st!

Yours in Diplomacy,

Braeden Lord

Secretary-General EagleMUNC I

United Nations Association

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