15 Ways Mean Girls Explains Model UN

by melissa on April 30, 2014

Mean Girls has inspired a generation of viewers to love October 3rd, wear pink on Wednesdays, and call things “fetch”, but Mean Girls also explains many of life’s amusing and tricky situations, including those in Model UN. In honor of April 30th, the ten-year anniversary of Mean Girls, here is Model UN explained through a series of Mean Girl gifs.


1. Picking up the delegation for some pre-conference shopping:

shopping (1)


2. When I’m trying to match with my co-delegate and he asks, “What are we wearing?” the only proper response is:

pink (2)


3. When scanning the conference’s hotel map and hoping you find the right room or else people may say…

go here (3)


4. When I really care about the topics we’re debating:

feelings (4)


5. Channeling your inner Gretchen when you know your coalition is the best:

popular (5) RIGHT ONE


6. When I eat out WAY too much during a MUN conference:

butter (6)


7. How I feel about those famous delegates on the circuit:

regina (7)


8. Wait, but does that girl in my coalition actually know Swedish?

swedish (8) FINAL


9.  When the USA (or the power delegate) leaves the room:

victim (9)


10. When Brazil gets all the candy-grams before the end of session:

coco (10)


11. When delegates say “comprehensive”:

fetch (11a)

And I just want to say:

fetch (11b)


12. Every #MUNGirl’s favorite day:

Oct (12)


13.  What I say when China won’t leave me alone at the delegate dance:

obsessed (13)


14.  Everyone’s reaction when I return to class after a MUN conference and start asking the professor questions prefaced by “Point of Inquiry”:

jambo (14)


15.  Finally, even Karen knows that, at the end of the day, it’s all about solving global issues. Seriously, why can’t we all agree?

cake (15)


Thanks for reading! Happy April 30th!

Credits to giphy.com, meangirlsgif.tumblr.com, and wifflegif.com for the Mean Girls gifs above.

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