18th Annual LAIMUN Conference Introduces Tech Committees

by Jessica on December 9, 2012

This past Saturday on December 8th, over 850 delegates from 18 schools came to the annual LAIMUN, Los Angeles Invitational MUN, Conference hosted by Mira Costa High School. It was originally planned for novice delegates, yet the caliber and expertise these delegates had, pushed the caucusing, speeches, and debate over the edge! Delegates were able to come together and solve our world’s problems, from Child Soldiers to The Situation in DPRK.

LAIMUN 18, although a veteran in the MUN community, took new steps to improve their delegates’ MUN experience with creating new “Tech Committees”. At first, I was thinking that these tech committees were just indicators of which committees were able to use or not use laptops and ipads – the usual tech tools – yet when I arrived at LAIMUN, my expectations were shattered. This year, Milo Davis and Tyler Shalvarjian worked together and coded a new domain for delegates to use throughout committee. Shalvarjian stated that their goal was to completely eliminate the use of paper and try to break the boundary when it comes to MUN.

There were 4 Tech Committees in total at LAIMUN, FAO, Security Council Dual, Security Council Single, and 1st DISEC. Davis and Shalvarjian created a unique username and password for each country and dais to log in to the domain and chat delegate-to-delegate or delegate-to-chair. This was their first year doing such a committee, and I think it was a great success and congratulate them and their team of OPI on seamlessly getting the job done!

Overall, Mira Costa High School has brought it once again! Their teacher advisors and secretariat’s hard work and dedication has shown itself in their conference, and in their delegates as well! To learn more about the program, check out their website!

In addition, for a more photos, check out our Facebook album!

Delegates searching for their committee chairs!

Delegates in the 1st DISEC Committee logging into their chatrooms for the Tech Committee!

Delegates getting into their informal caucus 

The Dais of 2nd EcoFin pose for the camera!

A delegate using her laptop to chat with others throughout committee

The Map and Pamphlets of LAIMUN

The 1st DISEC dais!

Delegates smile for the camera

Delegates huddling together during informal caucus

Delegates participating to speak

The Chatroom where the chairs were able to regulate and monitor the delegates’ comments, neat!

Our BestDelegate Summer Camp Alumni Hailey and I pose for a quick picture! It was great to see her participating in MUN just as an 8th grader!

Mira Costa’s SG reads off the awards after a long day of debating and caucusing! 

Delegates anticipating their awards during closing ceremony! 

Congratulations and Huge Kudos to the Mira Costa Secretariat and Teacher Advisors for putting together such an amazing conference! And be sure to check out more photos on our Facebook Album!

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