2013-2014 Collegiate Preview: The Ohio State University

by Mari on October 3, 2013

Erik Leiden is head delegate for the Ohio State University Model UN team.  Erik, a crisis delegate, looks to lead his team by example through the dynamic debate and theatrical speeches of the crisis room.  In its second year on the circuit, OSU looks to crack our top 50 rankings.
The OSU delegation at HNMUN 2013 (Photo Courtesy of Erik Leiden)

The OSU delegation at HNMUN 2013 (Photo Courtesy of Erik Leiden)


What are your goals for this year for your team?  

Erik: Last year we attended NCSC, UPMUNC, and HNMUN, and this year we have added ChoMUN to our schedule. We also will be hosting our intercollegiate conference, MUNCOS (Model United Nations Conference at Ohio State), this January. Whereas last year we took 8 delegates to our conferences, this year we are taking 12-16 delegates to each intercollegiate conference.

This year will be Ohio State’s second year on the intercollegiate circuit, and this year we plan to really make our mark on the circuit. Our goal is to utilize the expertise of our individual delegates to place them in committees where they can truly excel, and to train our group of what may be considered “rookies” into forces to be reckoned with in any committee. We fully intend to begin our ascent up the Best Delegate rankings this year and are putting all our efforts toward doing so.


What are you most looking forward to this season?

Erik: NCSC was Ohio State’s first intercollegiate conference, and this year we are looking forward to returning will all our experience from the past year and implementing everything that we’ve learned so far. We are looking forward to traveling to all of our conferences this year and visiting MUN friends old and new, however the upcoming conference in our nation’s capital is our immediate focus- we’re constantly looking forward to the next game day.

Each day leading up to CMUNNY, Yale’s SCSY and Boston University’s BarMUN, we’ll be featuring a few teams. If you would like to see your team featured, and Best Delegate hasn’t contacted you, please reach out to Mari Manoogian at marimanoogian@nullbestdelegate.com

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