5 Text Messages You Receive from People at Model UN Conferences

by Alexandros Economou on December 7, 2017

Throughout the many Model UN conferences you have attended, you will always meet the same 5 delegates: the nosy delegate, the try-hard delegate, the delegate who criticizes the awards, the social media delegate, and the delegate dance delegate. No matter how big or small the conference you attend, you’ll meet these same delegates. Here are the text messages you will most likely receive from these delegates.


Try Hard Delegate:


This delegate is the one who is always sending out text messages to everyone. They usually stay up until 2 am writing clauses and drinking red bull, and then wake up at 5 to continue to write more clauses. During committee, they try to micromanage everyone in the bloc and freak out when they are not mentioned in a speech. They also ask the chair what they think of them after every committee session. They also freak out when the other bloc has more clauses in their working paper, and start to write useless clauses for the purpose of having more clauses. Here is a text message you’ll receive from them when you try to go to sleep.


Nosy Delegate:


This delegate is the one who would message you before conference asking you questions: what country are you, what committee is this delegate in, etc. If they are in the same committee as you they’ll ask you what your ideas are. They can be somewhat annoying, and they freak out when they find out a strong member from your team is in their committee.


The Awards Delegate


This delegate will tell you before closing ceremonies the people they think will win awards in your committee. They are sometimes a little bit too obsessed with awards. If they don’t agree with the awards in your committee, they’re going to complain about the awards whenever they can. They will always bring up past committees, and people who’ve won awards in those committees.


The Social Media Delegate


This is the delegate that will ask for all of your social media accounts. It can be snapchat, instagram, facebook, weibo, whatever you can think of. You usually allow them to follow you, but you definitely won’t follow them back.  They’ll like all of your photos immediately after you allow them to follow you, and they’ll probably leave comments on everything you post. They’ll also message you to follow them, and will continue to ask why you haven’t followed them. You are most likely going to block them after the conference ends, or when you had enough of them spamming you.


The Delegate Dance Delegate


This is the delegate that is going to constantly ask you if you’re going to the delegate dance during committee. They will not take no for an answer, and try to find any way for you to come to the delegate dance. This includes constantly sending you text messages and calling you. You try your best to explain your reasons for not going, but that still wouldn’t sit with them.

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