7 Reasons Why MUN Friendships Last Forever


 When I first attended MUNI, I didn’t expect to stay close to the people I met.  I never would have thought that I would meet some of my best friends through MUN.  Here are some of the reasons why the friendships you make in MUN will last forever.

1.  You’ve been through the stress of committee together

Any delegate knows that being in MUN, while fun, can be extremely stressful at times.  When you don’t know if your resolution is going to be passed, or if your ideas will be shot down, it can be stressful.  Sometimes, the friends you make in MUN have to go against you in committee. However, at the end of the day, you can put the pressure behind you.
2. You have common interests.

When you meet someone in MUN, you know that you have at least one thing in common: MUN!  That establishes common ground between you. From there, it’s easy to find out what else you have in common.  Chances are, if you’re both in MUN, you share more interests than you think.

3. You’re great at working out problems, since you work through them in committee.

One of the best skills delegates have is solving problems.  When we can’t find people to support our resolutions, or when it seems as if we won’t be able to find any allies, we are able to quickly find a solution.  This skill makes MUN friendships almost unbreakable. No matter what conflict comes about, you’re always able to find a solution.

4. You always support each other through hard moments.

Sometimes one of your friends from MUN will have a resolution that goes against yours.  Even though you know you can’t support it, you secretly wish you could. In MUN, one of the best lessons is support, and it doesn’t stop at committee.

5. You’re passionate about what you do.

I have never met a delegate who competes actively and isn’t passionate about MUN.  When you’re friends with your fellow delegates, you know you’ll always have someone who is just as excited about MUN as you are.  When your other friends can’t stand listening to you talk about the next conference you’re attending, you can always count on the friends you meet through MUN to gladly share your excitement.

6. You can always find something to laugh about.

This comes with the stress of committee.  When your resolution doesn’t get passed, or when an obstacle is thrown into your plan, it can be difficult to move past it.  That’s what MUN friends are for. They always know how to make you laugh, especially after a particularly stressful conference.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good Model UN pun?

7. You don’t mind having debates.

MUN friendships can withstand any type of debate.  You’re used to being able to have civilized debates, so small arguments won’t hurt your friendship.  Just like in committee, you’re able to listen to each other and try to see eye-to-eye. Even if you don’t agree, there’s nothing that MUN hasn’t prepared you for.

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