A Message From The Media Chair Of The Middle East

by nabila.elassar on October 3, 2014

Hello there! 603683_10151484009668434_468626228_n

My name’s Nabila Elassar, and I’m a 22 year old Business Administration graduate and a lifelong MUN fanatic.

I am absolutely honored and excited to be serving as the Best Delegate Media Chair of Middle East & Africa for the upcoming year.

My connection to Best Delegate started in September 2013, as a training article contributor, but my MUN journey started at the age of 10. I have 7 years of MUN experience, spanning from the American University in Cairo’s Junior Summer Program MUN, Cairo University’s Model American Presidency, and The German University in Cairo’s I.A.E.A, as a delegate, and finally, GUCMUN North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as a crisis coordinator/committee chair.

The connection I have to MUN however, is mainly based around my love for training. It started the year where I trained delegates, experienced the gratification of being able to recruit, planned the academics for and personally developed a group within Model UN.  After that, I decided I never want to let go of Model UN.

Today, I am juggling a full time job at a Multinational FMCG as a Marketing Insights & decision making business analyst, working towards a professional project management certificate at Stanford University, and managing a full time membership in a youth development program in Kuwait, called The Proteges.

I am also serving as the first official THIMUN Qatar Arabic MUN Program Consultant for the year 2015.

My one true passion however, is, and will always be development through MUN. This is where my boundless admiration and loyalty to The Best Delegate Organization comes, as it aims to serve as a top worldwide resource for the development of MUN skills for both delegates and committee chairs.

And this is where my message for you, dear visitor, comes in.

As you flip through the Best Delegate website, you will find different articles for any position you may be holding at your MUN.  Starting from how to get started, to research, to how to recruit, to how to be the best delegate to how to be a a great committee chair.

My advice to you, is to make the most out of the resources on this website. Do not leave it until you have found what you are looking for, depending on your position. However, if you do not, please do not hesitate to contact us at media@nullbestdelegate.com to request that a specific area of training be covered.

This year, our main concern is to grow our resource pool, and customize it to the needs of each specific region, as well as strengthen dialogue between our valued readers and the media team. Therefore, I encourage you to contact me at nabila.elassar@nullbestdelegate.com for any questions, requests, or feedback concerning the Middle East, or simply to just drop in & say hello!

One last thing, with every article you read, be sure to leave a comment, that highlights what you liked about it, or what you’d like to see more of. We very much value your feedback and want to see you share it! This is a two way street, as our articles aim to make your MUN experience better.

And just with your visiting the Best Delegate Website, you are already a part of our community.

Remember, MUN is a lifelong passion, and the benefits you can make out of them, truly may not fit into a lifetime. Make the most out of every second of your MUN Journey. Happy surfing!

From an MUN Fanatic to another,


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