A Warm Welcome From The Chair of North America South

by Aaron K on October 21, 2014

Greeting fellow delegates!

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself, my name it Aaron Kalafarski and I will be serving as Best Delegate’s Media Chair of North America South. I am excited to have the opportunity to join a great team, help cover conferences, develop new content, and expand upon the MUN community.

To elaborate on myself, I am a senior at the University of Florida pursuing a degree in Political Science and International Relations. MUN has been a huge part of my high school and collegiate experience. Throughout my MUN journey I have made fantastic friends and I have learned to think about the world from different perspectives.

I have been involved directly with Best Delegate for the past two years starting as a local volunteer for their Summer Programs at the University of Florida two years ago and as a Diplomacy Fellow this past summer. I have participated as a delegate and staffer, and I have served in several leadership positions throughout my seven years of MUN. I helped found Gulf Coast high school’s competitive MUN team and I most recently served as the University of Florida’s Secretary-General for GatorMUN XI. In my free time I enjoy playing sports (especially soccer), surfing the interwebs, traveling, consuming pop culture, and having a laugh with friends.

As the Media Chair of North America South I am excited to continue to increase the progress that Best Delegate has had on the MUN community. I am also looking forward to collaborate with the Best Delegate Media Secretariat in order to develop new content and cover conferences important to the North American South and the community as a whole. Whether competing, staffing, or advising, this year is bound to be an unforgettable MUN season.

Moreover, I would like to be a part of improving your MUN experience through Best Delegate. I have been reading Best Delegate from its early stages which has helped develop my abilities as delegate, scholar, and global citizen. Therefore, if you have any questions, would like any advice, or want to discuss the inner machination of the MUN world please contact our team at media@nullbestdelegate.com or myself at aaron.kalafarski@nullbestdelegate.com.


Aaron Kalafarski
BD Media Chair of North America South

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