Americas AMUN, McGill McMUN, and Oxford OxIMUN Form The MUN League

by KFC on July 15, 2012

The MUN League's founding members are AMUN in Brazil, McMUN in Canada, and OxIMUN in the United Kingdom

Three of the most prominent collegiate conferences from three different continents have joined forces to form The MUN League. Americas Model United Nations (AMUN) in Brazil, McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN) in Canada, and Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN) in the United Kingdom jointly announced through their Twitter accounts the creation of this league which has a mission to “promote an increasingly global exchange of ideas and connections through collaboration among participating conferences of The League, enabling a greater diversity and awareness of attending delegates.” Specifically, participants awarded Best Delegate titles at each of the conferences are offered free passes at the other two MUN League conferences, and the founding conferences plan to cooperate on more joint initiatives and the sharing of best practices.

Analysis: The creation of The MUN League is interesting because one of the underlying currents within the global MUN circuit has been a desire to create some form of summit or association that leads to more communication and cooperation between conferences, discussions on standards and best practices, and better networking globally. Although the European Model United Nations Network (EMUNNET) is considered to be the first intercollegiate Model UN association, The MUN League is the first one that spans multiple continents and has the potential for greater international exchange of ideas and delegates. The three conferences are also influential enough to pull it off; AMUN is the largest college conference in Brazil, McMUN is the largest college conference in Canada and traditionally the third largest in all of North America behind only Nationals NMUN and Harvard HNMUN, and OxIMUN is considered to be one of the largest and most competitive conferences in Europe.

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