Announcing the 2016 Model UN Faculty Advisors Institutes and Free Workshops!

by KFC on January 11, 2016

Best Delegate is proud to announce our free Faculty Advisors trainings for 2016! Training for faculty advisors is important because they serve a critical but often overlooked role in starting, supporting, and growing Model United Nations activities for their students.

Best Delegate has supported the training of faculty advisors worldwide

Best Delegate has supported the training of faculty advisors worldwide

When we first started blogging at different conferences, we met so many passionate MUN faculty advisors who never had formal Model UN training and could not find answers to challenges that their clubs were facing or even answers to simple questions that most experienced MUN delegates could provide. Many of these faculty advisors reminded me of my own high school advisor who started our MUN club from scratch and had to figure it out on his own by asking other faculty advisors that he met at advisors meetings for advice and resources.

We decided to address this need by offering free faculty advisors workshops at the conferences that we visited, and we have been doing that for the past few years. We expanded that to full-day faculty advisors workshops in Honduras, India, and Singapore at the request of teachers in those countries, many of whom were asked by their principals or students to serve in the role but had no knowledge of MUN. Eventually, we teamed up with educators from THIMUN Qatar to develop a professional development program and multi-level certification process for teachers called the Directors Institute. This past summer we offered the Advisors Institute, a five-day professional development program, as part of the Model United Nations Institute.

In 2016, we will continue our commitment to serving faculty advisors by offering a variety of trainings: hour-long Advisors Workshops, full-day Directors Institutes, and five-day Advisors Institutes. Advisor Workshops and Directors Institutes are free public services offered by Best Delegate and are delivered at no additional cost to attendees thanks to the sponsorship of the major conferences that have agreed to host them.

Advisors Workshops

Advisors workshops are free one-hour sessions that share the best practices, top resources, and latest trends in the Model UN world.

Advisors workshops are offered at multiple major conferences

Advisors workshops are offered at multiple major conferences

Advisors Workshops are ideal for faculty advisors who want to stay on top of the latest and greatest resources they can bring back to their Model UN clubs and to have an opportunity to get their most frequently asked questions answered. Faculty advisors attending the conferences below may attend the workshops and find out details in the conference programs; availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to change per conference facility needs.

Advisors Workshops will be offered at:

    • Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN)
    • Boston University Academy Model United Nations (BUAMUN)
    • Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN)
    • National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN)
    • North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN)
    • Southern California Model United Nations (SCMUN)
    • Washington Area Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC)
    • Yale Model United Nations (YMUN)

Workshops at other conferences may become available at later dates; check with the conferences you are attending for any announcements.

Directors Institute

Directors Institutes are free full-day professional development with Level 1 and Level 2 depending on experience. A half-day MUN simulation and a Certification exam are also available.

The Directors Institute at THIMUN Qatar

The Directors Institute at THIMUN Qatar

The Level 1 Directors Institute teaches newer MUN faculty advisors all the essential skills needed to prepare students for a conference such as research, public speaking, resolution writing, and procedure. The Level 2 Directors Institute focuses on advanced delegate skills, assessments for different educational objectives, and developing student leaders to run their own clubs and conferences. Directors can also practice their new knowledge and skills in the half-day Directors-only MUN simulation, and they also have the option of taking the Certification Exam. Spots are limited and pre-registration is required by emailing Irene Crepin for THIMUN Hague or Lisa Martin for THIMUN Qatar.

Directors Institutes will be offered at:

  • The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN Hague): Level 1 and Level 2
  • The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN Qatar): Level 1

Advisors Institute

The Advisors Institute is a five-day professional development at the Model United Nations Institute hosted by Best Delegate. This summer program has tuition and optional on-campus housing.

The Advisors Institute held at Georgetown University

The Advisors Institute held at Georgetown University

The Advisors Institute is the flagship faculty advisors professional development program offered by Best Delegate. Faculty advisors learn how to teach the fundamental MUN skills such as research, public speaking, negotiation, resolution-writing, and procedure, and will receive accompanying lesson plans, worksheets, and online videos. They will also learn how to develop student leaders to lead clubs and start their own conferences, and the program will help address specific issues that are challenging their clubs. The program culminates with the Certification Exam and a full-day Advisors-only MUN simulation. It is equivalent to a more comprehensive and in-depth version of both the Level 1 and Level 2 Directors Institutes. Spots are very limited and registration is required — visit the Model UN Institute link below for more details.

Advisors Institutes will be offered at:


We look forward to meeting you at one of the faculty advisors trainings!

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