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by erik on April 4, 2016

WIMUN Senior Sec

WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN) is the flagship Model UN conference hosted and organized by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). After a successful first session in Rome and our second session at the United Nations Headquarters, WIMUN will reconvene February 1-4, 2017, at the United Nations Headquarters and the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

WIMUN is now recruiting for Senior Secretariat positions, and Best Delegate is highly encouraging university Model UN participants to apply! We have worked closely with WFUNA in the past and can confidently say that this will be a high profile event as it brings the UN Department of Public Information’s UN4MUN procedure to a new level.

Here are three reasons to apply for the WIMUN Secretariat:

1. Organize the most accurate simulation of the United Nations

WFUNA has been working closely with Bill Yotive (formerly the head of UN4MUN at the UN Department of Public Information) and Best Delegate to introduce a set of Rules of Procedures which best reflect the actual practice of the UN Security Council and General Assembly. These are significantly different from how most Model UN conferences currently operate, and it will be a great learning experience for any serious MUN student who wants to learn how the actual UN operates. You can learn more at the UN4MUN website or our recap of it here

2. Work for a conference with sessions in the United Nations Headquarters in New York

WIMUN grants Secretariat members and delegates access to the United Nations General Assembly, as opening and closing plenary and ceremonies will be held in the actual United Nations General Assembly Hall. Last year, all members of the Senior Secretariat were able to deliver speeches from the Rostrum in the General Assembly hall, along with prestigious speakers from the United Nations and other international organizations. 

3. Work with an amazingly diverse team of international Model UN superstars. 

Last year’s WIMUN Secretariat was made up of staff from 15 countries and every continent except for Antarctica, speaking 18 different languages and with a total conference attendance of over 500 different conferences. Plus, last year’s WIMUN attendees came from nearly 40 different countries, making WIMUN one of the most diverse conferences globally. WIMUN Secretariat gets to work with some of the leading Model UNers in the entire world, a privilege that can’t be found almost anywhere else!

Secretariat Positions

WFUNA is excited to announce the call for Senior Secretariat recruitment for WIMUN 2017! They are are looking for a diverse global Secretariat team with international Model UN experience. The positions that are available include:

  • Secretary-General (1)
  • Under-Secretary-General of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management (2)
  • Under-Secretary-General of Communications and Public Information (1)
  • Assistant-Secretary-General of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management (1)

Click here to learn more and to apply! Applications are due Sunday, April 10, at 23:59 EST. Applications for other secretariat positions will be released soon. 


WIMUN website:

WFUNA website:



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