Apply to Join the 2015-2016 Best Delegate Global Media Team! Applications due September 6.

by erik on August 25, 2015

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After reading the descriptions below, you can apply by clicking here: Application Form

About Best Delegate

Best Delegate is a global education organization dedicated to training today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations. Its Model UN training programs have been conducted in 19 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It works with schools and major non-profits such as WFUNA, UNA-USA Global Classrooms, THIMUN Qatar, and Montessori to develop Model UN programs. And it runs the world’s most popular website on Model UN,, which is read by over 550,000 readers from 190+ countries and territories.

Best Delegate has been featured in the the New York Times and the Huffington Post, and its training programs has been observed live by the United Nations Department on Public Information. Best Delegate’s current mission is to teach Model UN to one million delegates.

The Global Media Team

The Best Delegate Global Media Team will be at the center of providing the best Model UN resources and promoting the Model UN community through the website. Specifically, the Team will write resource articles and original content and also provide news coverage on the website and social media channels.

The Global Media Team service period is for the academic year starting from September 15, 2015 and ending May 31, 2016.The work will entail 2-4 hours per week, although this may vary depending on your role.

The Team will consist of 21 members: the Editor-in-Chief, two Editors, a Marketing Manager, a Partnerships Manager, and 11 Media Associates.  All Media Associates are considered volunteer positions and are unpaid.  The Editor-in-Chief, two Editors, Marketing Manager, and Partnerships Manager will receive a small stipend based on their performance.  The responsibilities for all roles are listed below.


The Editor-in-Chief will manage the Global Media Team and report up to a full-time Best Delegate manager. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Sets and manages the global publishing calendar, including leading any meetings and project management tools needed to execute on the publishing goals.
  • Identifies and implements strategies to improve the website, content, media platforms, viewership numbers, or brand.
  • Writes additional articles as needed to fulfill the publishing goals or if interested.
  • Engage and respond to readers via email (including the primary media email account), comments, and social media.

One position will be available. Applicants must have prior experience on the Best Delegate Media or Diplomacy Fellowship Teams.

Editor- Community Content

The Editor of Community Content reports up to the Secretary-General. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Trains, develops and manages a team of three Media Associates and their corresponding publishing schedules. This includes leading all team meetings to accomplish the publishing goals and enhancing collaboration between Chairs for cross-regional articles or projects.
  • Edits and publishes over 40 articles during the school year, including Geographic MUN overviews, Conference Recaps, as well as Recognition Articles (Rankings and All-Star Team).
  • Works closely with Partnership Managers to ensure successful implementation of publicity for partner conferences.

One position will be available. Experience on the Best Delegate Media or Diplomacy Fellow Teams is preferred.

Editor- MUN Training Resources

The Editor of MUN Training Resources reports up to the Secretary-General. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Trains, develops and manages a team of eight Media Associates and their corresponding publishing schedules. This includes leading all team meetings to accomplish the publishing goals and ensure quality training content in line with Best Delegate Curriculum.
  • Edits and publishes over 60 MUN Training Resource articles during the school year, including content for delegates, club leaders, and faculty advisors.

One position will be available. Experience as a Best Delegate Diplomacy Fellow is preferred.

Partnerships Manager

The Partnerships Manager reports up to the Secretary-General. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Manages Best Delegate Global Conference Database
  • Arranges marketing partnerships between Best Delegate and select Model UN conferences, and implements the Best Delegate side of the marketing partnerships including posting banner ads and  Conference Recap articles or finding other media for partnerships.
  • Coordinates liveblogging of conferences by members of the Best Delegate Media Team

One position will be available. Experience with the Best Delegate Global Media Team is preferred, but not required.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager reports up to the Secretary-General. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Manages Best Delegate Social Media Accounts
  • Markets launch of upcoming Best Delegate online offerings
  • Coordinates cross-marketing with Best Delegate Model United Nations Institute

One position will be available.

Media Associates- Community Content

The Community Content Media Associates act as writers and report up to the Community Content Editor. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Write or source 10 Conference Recap or Circuit Overview articles during the school year. Recaps describe significant conferences or events taking place in your MUN region.   Circuit Overviews describe what Model UN is like in specific subset of the MUN community.
  • Assist in writing and sourcing content for annual Rankings and Recognition (All-Star) articles, as is applicable to your region.
  • Serve as a link between Best Delegate and your assigned region. This includes promoting Best Delegate to your region and helping your region grow and improve.

Three positions will be available for these roles, divided by groups of regions. This number is subject to change depending on applications received. The sets of regions available are North and South America, Asia and Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 

Media Associates- MUN Training Resources

The MUN Training Resources Media Associates act as writers and report up to the MUN Training Resources Editor. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Write eight training resource articles during the school year. Resource articles are any educational articles for delegates, staff, faculty advisors, or MUN participants in general.
  • Coordinate with their Editor to ensure that all resource articles match with the Best Delegate curriculum and maintains the high quality of Best Delegate training resources.

Eight positions will be available for this role.


  • Applicants will be required to send in a sample article that would serve as a post if they are chosen. Please complete this before beginning your application, as the application may not save your progress if you accidentally close out. (Note: Partnerships Manager and Marketing Manager applicants will instead submit their Resume).
  • Should already be a fan of Best Delegate’s mission and work and want to help make a difference in the broader Model UN community.
  • Prolific experience and accomplishments as a delegate, conference organizer, or club leader. Experience at both the university and high school levels is preferred.
  • College-level writing and editing skills in English is required. Fluency in writing other major languages is a plus.
  • Highly connected with influential players in and knowledgeable about the MUN region they are applying for (where applicable).
  • Ability to work remotely and independently and to prioritize their Best Delegate workload among upcoming commitments such as schoolwork, MUN, college or job applications, and other extracurriculars or internships.
  • Experience with creating content or campaigns on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Analytics, or InDesign are pluses.

If you’re interested in joining the team, apply by clicking here! If you have any questions, email  Applications are due September 6.

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