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by Conna Walsh on September 19, 2017

Careers at Best Delegate

Best Delegate is a global education organization with a mission of preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations. Our goal is MUN for ALL – we want to provide world-class MUN training and resources to as many students as possible around the world. We support the Model UN community through hosting the Model United Nations Institute, offering resources for advisors at MUN Education, conducting MUN workshops around the world, consulting for major MUN non-profits, and providing MUN resources on

The Best Delegate team is seeking to recruit A-players who are fueled by a passion to give back their MUN experiences to the global Model UN community – to bring out the best in other delegates. We operate in a fast-paced, startup-like environment that values world-class results, professionalism, and openness to feedback among the team.

There are currently 17 positions available on the Global Media Team and 4 positions available as independent managers. Applicants may apply for any position. Applications are due MondaySeptember 25th. Highly qualified candidates will be selected for an interview. Positions will start on October 2nd or soon thereafter.

After reading about the available positions  below, you can access the application here: Staff Application.

Global Media Team

The Global Media Team has a mission of providing the best Model UN website resources and articles to the global MUN community. The team collectively manages, our main site that hosts training content and community news;, the homepage for the MUN Institute and all Alumni content; and, home of MUN Education, which provides resources for MUN Advisors. The team produces content in four categories: Training Content, Community Development, MUN Institute Alumni, and MUN Education.

The team consist of five Editors: an Editor-in-Chief, 4 Editors (one for each category), 14 Media Associates, and 4 independent managers. The service term for all positions is from October 1, 2017 to May 30, 2018.

  • Editor positions are ideal for those with prior experience at Best Delegate and the positions are paid a stipend based on projects completed.
  • Media Associate positions are ideal for MUN leaders looking to make a difference in the broader MUN community, and positions are available for university students, high school students, and MUN Institute alumni to serve their respective audiences. Media Associate positions are considered unpaid internships.
  • Independent Manager positions are ideal for individuals with specific skills – currently, we’re looking for a Conference Partnerships Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Manager, and Multimedia Manager. All manager positions are paid a stipend based on projects completed.

Learn about the positions available on the Global Media Team here!

If you’re interested in joining the team, apply by clicking here! Applications are due September 25th. Questions can be sent to Conna at

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