Around-the-World Part II: Announcing our 2011-12 Conference Blogging Tour Schedule!

by KFC on September 14, 2011

Best Delegate will be hitting the road again this year! We’ll be traveling around the country to teach a series of student workshops and free teacher workshops.

And of course, we’ll also be visiting conferences to liveblog again and interview you guys about all the fun you’re having! We had an amazing time meeting everyone last year and we hope to see more of you on the road. Read below to see which conferences we plan to visit this year!

Tour Themes

We received many invitations over the summer and spent a lot of time considering which conferences to attend especially since we’re providing a free service that has helped generate publicity for the conferences we blogged about.

We built our high school tour around two themes: sustainable growth and competitive rankings. The Fall portion of our tour primarily focuses on sustainable growth for Model UN programs. We will be featuring different conference organizing models to show how programs grow sustainably by hosting their own conferences. The Spring portion of our tour primarily focuses on competitive rankings for Model UN teams. We will be covering some of the most prestigious conferences in the world to find out what are the best high school teams and share the best training methods and strategies in the process.

We built our college tour primarily around the major “World Division” conferences. These are university-hosted conferences that are attended primarily by other top research universities and liberal arts colleges. Delegates from these schools form our primary collegiate readership base and our tour reflects a selection of the conferences that they will be attending. For sports fans, think of these conferences like the MUN version of “College Game Day.”

We blogged 33 conferences last year — 10 college conferences, 21 high school conferences, and 2 middle school conferences — with several of the invitations coming mid-season. We are starting with a tour lineup of 24 conferences this year — 6 college conferences and 18 high school conferences — but we anticipate in-season additions as we continue to evaluate compelling invitations and changes to our travel budget.

While we are still in the process of reaching out to some of these conferences and confirming our attendance, here is our anticipated high school and college blogging tour schedule at the moment in chronological order:

18 High School Conferences

  • South Orange County Model United Nations (SOCOMUN), Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA
  • Cerritos High School Model United Nations (CHSMUN), Cerritos, CA, USA
  • J.P.Stevens Model United Nations Conference (JPSMUN), Edison, NJ, USA
  • Edison High School Model United Nations (EHSMUN), Huntington Beach, CA, USA
  • Stanford Model United Nations Conference (SMUNC), Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Contra Costa County Model United Nations (CCCMUN), Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
  • Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium (SSUNS), Montreal, Canada
  • UCLA Bruin Model United Nations (BruinMUN), Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • University of Connecticut Model United Nations (UCMUN), Storrs, CT, USA
  • The Hague International Model United Nations – Singapore (THIMUN Singapore), Singapore
  • Regional High School Model United Nations (RHSMUN), San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Mission Viejo High School Model United Nations (MVHSMUN), Mission Viejo, CA, USA
  • The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), The Hague, Netherlands
  • Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN), Boston, MA, USA
  • Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC), Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN), Washington, DC, USA
  • National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN), New York, NY, USA
  • Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN), Berkeley, CA, USA

6 College Conferences

  • Columbia Model United Nations in New York (CMUNNY), New York, NY, USA
  • Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY), New Haven, CT, USA
  • National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC), Washington, DC, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC), Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), Boston, MA, USA
  • Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN), Vancouver, Canada

In the meantime, check out the high school and college conferences we publicized last year as well as some of our favorite articles from liveblogging!


Which conferences are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments! 


Message for Secretaries-General: Emily Block will be managing guest posts this year. Conferences that wish to publicize themselves may submit a conference recap immediately after the conference has concluded by emailing their article and photo to:

  • Aaron K

    It looks like everyone’s in for an exciting season. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to see you guys at NCSC!

  • Preston

    Sounds awesome! Are you guys going to be attending VAMUN or WAMUNC?

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      We won’t be attending VAMUN as it conflicts with our plans to liveblog THIMUN Singapore. However, we would be glad to have someone on their team send us an article from the conference.

      We haven’t set our travel schedules beyond mid-March yet but we attended WAMUNC last year and enjoyed it, so we will consider it depending on our budget by then.

  • Jake

    Great!! Will you be at pmunc? Every year dalton, horace mann, wwp south and wwp north go. It’s sure to be very intense

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  • Anonymous

    I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by not visiting American Model UN. As a former MUN representative and staffer (and current UN diplomat), I found it to be consistently the most educational and by far the most true to the occasionally quirky dynamics found in New York and Geneva.

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