Baylor University Model United Nations (BUMUN) Recap

by Emily on October 28, 2011

This recap was provided by Rebecca McCumbers Flavin who is the faculty sponsor in the Political Science department at Baylor University

WACO, TEXAS – On October 8, 2011, Baylor University held its 16th annual High School Model United Nations Conference (BUMUN). With 15 schools and more than 250 students participating from across central Texas, the conference was one of the largest Baylor has hosted.

The delegations in attendance were encouraged by this year’s Secretary General, Katy Johnson, to, “Work for consensus and compromise through listening and collective agreement”. Ms. Johnson challenged the delegates with a lofty aspiration: “Our goal is to pass all resolutions by acclimation at this year’s conference”. This set a tone of collective agreement for the BUMUN conference, which held true throughout the day.

Six committees were represented at the conference: GA Plenary, 1st and 3rd, as well as the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Security Council (SC). All of the committees successfully drafted and passed resolutions dealing with contemporary international issues. For example, the GA Plenary session dealt with issues of self-determination as they relate to the current events in countries such as Libya, and the WHO considered sanitation in the developing world.

At the conference, participants were challenged to think critically in their committees, and many submitted position papers before the start of the conference. Although all papers showed commendable advance preparation, Nolan Catholic High School of Forth Worth, TX, showed excellence through ample research and eloquence, earning this year’s award for best position paper.

Awards were also distributed for performance in committee as well as for the best small school delegation, large school delegation and best country delegation. The best small delegation award went to Claudia Taylor Johnson High School from San Antonio, TX, and the best large delegation was Strada MUN, a club which is comprised of home school students from across Texas. Strada was also named this year’s outstanding country delegation for their representation of Brazil. For the complete list of award winners as well as information about each of the topics addressed at this year’s conference, visit Baylor MUN’s website:


Security Counsil

•Honorable Mention: Brazil, Strada
•Distinguished Delegation: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central High School
•Outstanding Delegation: Portugal, Johnson High School
Honorable Mentions
•Brazil, Strada
•India, International School of the Americas
•Russian Federation, Ronald Reagan High School
•Distinguished Delegation: China, The Kincaid School
•Outstanding Delegation: Nigeria, Reagan High School
World Health Organization
•Honorable Mention: Portugal, Johnson High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Brazil, Strada
•Outstanding Delegation: Iran, Lovejoy High School
General Assembly, Third
•Honorable Mention: Portugal, Johnson High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Brazil, Strada
•Outstanding Delegation: Tunisia, The Hockaday School
General Assembly, First
•Honorable Mention:United States of America, Colleyville Heritage High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Turkey, International School of the Americas
•Outstanding Delegation: Republic of Korea, Westlake High School
General Assembly, Plenary
•Honorable Mention: Russian Federation, Ronald Reagan High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Venezuela, Westlake High School
•Outstanding Delegation: Brazil, Strada
Best Small Delegation
•Honorable Mention: The Kincaid School
•Distinguished Delegation: Lovejoy High School
•Outstanding Delegation: Claudia Taylor Johnson High School
Best Large Delegation
•Honorable Mention: Westlake High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Ronald Reagan High School
•Outstanding Delegation: Strada
Best Country Delegation
•Honorable Mention: Iran, Lovejoy High School
•Distinguished Delegation: Portugal, Claudia Taylor Johnson High School
•Outstanding Delegation: Brazil, Strada



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