Behind Every Best Delegate Is An Invaluable Advisor

by lizabell on March 2, 2015

This can sometimes get lost while you debate or are in the busy-ness of conferences, but Model UN advisors are some of the most important people delegates meet in their lifetime. I have had the pleasure of having not one but two incredible advisors who have supported my passion for global affairs well past my time as a high school delegate. My advisors have taught me countless lessons about diplomacy, politics, and life. Every delegate knows that your Model UN advisor is not just your advisor, but also your unconditional cheerleader, friend, and school parent.

Your Model UN advisor is your go-to person for advice. They go out of their way to work with a number of students to develop each one’s debate skills. They give up countless weekends to be at a high school that resembles the environment of their work week. They spend many hours a week after school working with students to successfully manage the club. Your Model UN advisor’s classroom becomes your home away from home, your safe space to talk about your day and the obstacles you face in your young life.

Model UN in general creates a support system for you while attending high school. You have your incredible advisor, but you also have your Model UN family members. Those you teach, train, and work with to make your club the best it can possibly be. You even have the extended family that you visit when conference season rolls around. However, the person who makes this all possible is your advisor. Without your advisor your Model UN club would cease to be a reality.

I am deeply indebted to the generosity that Model UN advisors have for their students. They have influenced me to be more than I ever thought was possible for myself. I never knew that MUN would take me as far as it has, and I owe my advisors so much for sparking my passion for international affairs. One of my advisors used to say, “Model UN is the mirror: I hold up you all, and reflected back to me is your excellence.” While these words have been with me since I heard them, I think that the support advisors give is the reason why excellence shines through at every Model UN conference.

You never go to a conference and not hear that “the delegates and the advisors are what make this conference possible.” That is, without a doubt, a true statement. However, appreciate the work your advisor does for you and your club. Without their hard work and dedication, your club may not be as wonderful as it is. Without your advisor, you make not be the best delegate you could be. Thank them for their work, their time, and their generosity. You are the best delegate because they are your best advisor.

Here are some ideas on how to show your appreciation for your advisor’s work during the year:

gavel advisor photo

  • Purchase and engrave a gavel or plaque for them that shows your appreciation for their work. 

  • Put their favorite inspirational quote or their favorite thing to say on a plaque so they can keep it on their desk!
  • Write a thank-you card for the end of the year with every club members’ name and ask them to write a personal note for your advisor. You can even pool money together and buy a gift card to their favorite store or make a basket of their favorite things with some UN merch too!

  • Ask them if they need any help with their Model UN-related work.

  • If your club hosts a conference, have a bouquet of flowers set aside for them. Present it to them at the end of closing ceremonies and thank them for all of their support and help making the conference a success!

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