Best Delegate to Offer Free Training Conferences — Bid to Co-Host by May 2, 2014

by KFC on April 14, 2014


Best Delegate training workshop in Norway

Best Delegate’s new goal is to train one million delegates. To get started, we will be sponsoring up to six free one-day Model United Nations Training Conferences open to the public in order to help expand and improve the activity. Each Training Conference will take place on a weekend date in Fall 2014 from 9:00am to 4:00pm with interactive workshops in the morning and a guided practice committee in the afternoon. Best Delegate Diplomacy Fellows will teach up to four tracks depending on local registrations: Faculty Advisors, High School (intermediate), High School (beginner), and Middle School. All participants will be bringing their own lunch to keep event costs free.

Best Delegate is seeking bids from schools and universities to serve as partners by donating their venue to host the training conference. Bidding is open to all schools around the world. Selection criteria will be based on a combination of: logistical experience of the partner, quality of the venue, need and size of Model UN region for training, and estimated travel costs for Best Delegate trainers.

Bids are due by May 2, 2104. The application to bid can be found here. Questions about the bid can be emailed to


Best Delegate agrees to provide:

  • Marketing and registration of the Training Conference.

  • Training materials for participants.

  • Best Delegate Diplomacy Fellows to serve as trainers.

  • Best Delegate Program Manager to help coordinate logistics with the host school.

Host school agrees to provide:

  • At least one classroom that can comfortably hold 30 delegates, but more and larger classrooms would be highly preferred.

  • Adult staff contact on-site during the Training Conference is required.

  • All necessary campus approvals and insurance to host the event for the public.

  • Wi-Fi Internet access for all participants is recommended.

Since the Training Conference is a free public event, we will need to limit total attendance and the number of delegates allowed per school. However the host school may provide up to 15 students to participate at the Training Conference and will be given any available seats after public registration has closed. The host school may also provide marketing materials for their own Model UN conference if applicable.

The application to bid can be found here.

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