Best Delegate’s New Year’s Resolution(s)

by KFC on January 1, 2012

Resolution 2012/1/1

Committee: Model United Nations
Topic: How to Make a Difference in Model UN
Sponsors: The Best Delegate team
Signatories: Our fans (hopefully!)

The Model United Nations community,

Reaffirming that our five strategic goals for the academic year are to launch a product, empower the teachers, build the website’s brand, go global, and display thought leadership,

Noting with approval that we successfully launched our first book titled “How to Win Awards in Model United Nations” and our consulting & coaching services,

Convinced from the feedback to our How to Teach Model UN series and from our teaching experiences and classroom visits that we can do a lot more to help other Model UN teachers,

Taking note of the growth of the brand, website features, and readership as well as the many areas for development,

Fully aware that Model UN is growing around the world and that visiting the USA, Canada, China, and Singapore is only the beginning of our global Model UN endeavors,

Observing thought leadership through leading in-conference summits and workshops and by sharing our analysis articles of the divisions within the college circuit, THIMUN-style debate, scheduling trends, fantasy committees, the G20 of Best Delegate Fans, and the rankings,

1. Proclaims our thanks to all of our fans for their support in the past year and wishes everyone a Happy New Year;

2. Declares that Best Delegate will have several upcoming product launches including:

a) a new book about the best Model UN conferences and what makes each one unique,
b) Model UN-themed t-shirts for our fans to purchase,
c) a secret product for high school students that we will reveal soon;

3. Encourages teachers to continue to provide feedback on how we can improve the activity through forums, workshops, resources, classroom observations, and more How to Teach Model UN articles;

4. Calls upon fans to support our upcoming website features such as community forums and a research page and to share with other Model UN participants;

5. Expresses its hope that Best Delegate will be well received in our upcoming trip to THIMUN in the Netherlands and that we can continue to visit conferences abroad and make a difference in the Model UN community in other countries;

6. Recommends that eventually conference organizers, teachers, and student leaders get together in a Best Delegate-sponsored leadership summit to share best practices and resolve circuit-wide issues in Model UN; and

7. Decides to remain actively seized in growing and improving Model UN for all participants.


Please help be a sponsor or signatory to our resolution? 🙂

Also, what does your Model UN resolution look like? 😉

  • Kevin Felix Chan

    Feel free to “sponsor” our resolution below by letting us know which operative clause is your favorite! And feel free to suggest amendments as well below 😉

  • Lawrence Bremer

    Amendment 1:

    Adds a new Operative Clause 7 which reads:
    “Resolves to acquire more detailed information about conference awards within the high school circuit;”

    And renumber accordingly.

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      Good idea. Teachers and students should at least be able to easily distinguish the qualities that a conference looks for in delegates if they are going to give awards (e.g. have an awards policy) and that if a conference uses a scoring system, then it should at least have a rubric or metrics.

  • Anonymous

    I sponsor the first operative clause

    Amendment 1:
    Add an Operative Clause 7 which states:
    Reminds to everyone what an amazing program Model United Nations is

  • Phill Venice

    6. Long overdue – nice job Best Del!

  • Beatrix Livesey- Stephens

    I sponsor the resolution and would like to speak for it: Honourable Delegates, do you not see that Model UN themed t-shirts are amazing and that expanding Model UN across the world will greatly increase political understanding across the globe which leads to reduction of conflict.

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