Breaking News: Announcing the 2012 Global Classrooms International MUN Secretariat!

by KFC on November 22, 2011

The United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) announced the Senior Secretariat for its 2012 Global Classrooms International Model United Nations (GCIMUN) conference today. GCIMUN is the culmination of the Global Classrooms program and the conference takes place at the UN Headquarters in New York. Chuck Roberts of Columbia University will be serving as Secretary-General. Find out the rest of his team as well as info on how to apply to staff Global Classrooms conferences below!

Here is the 2012 GCIMUN Senior Secretariat:

Secretary-General: Chuck Roberts (Columbia University)
Director-General: Nick Barkley (Seton Hall University)
Chief of Staff: Courtney Lee (University of Texas at Austin)
Chief of Operations: Vicente Sanchez (Columbia University)
USG for General Assemblies: Gael Black (SUNY Albany)
DUSG for General Assemblies: Pedro Cardenas (ITESM)
USG for Specialized Agencies: Shawn Driggers (Grand Valley State)
USG for Humanitarian Agencies: Alejandra Huerta Gutierrez (Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterey)
USG for Development Agencies: Liz Alarcon (University of Miami)
USG for Security Councils: Milan Stanic (Seton Hall University)
USG for Crisis Development: Kaitlynn Colbert (Michigan State University)
USG for Conference Services: Legna Perez (Seton Hall University)
USG for Logistics: Kyle McClean (CUNY Brooklyn)
Editor-in-Chief, Conference Chronicle: Allyson Holley (University of Texas at Austin)

The Global Classrooms program is managed by Kelly Siegel and Andrew Roush.

And here is information on how to apply:

GCIMUN and Global Classrooms conferences have a strong educational mission to bring Model UN to inner-city youth. It is a great experience to give back to the community and have fun meeting new friends from different schools (all the founders of Best Delegate were long-time leaders in the Global Classrooms program). GCIMUN in particular is an amazing experience as you get to help make a difference to over 2,400 students from around the world at this conference held in the United Nations. All GCIMUN staffers are required to staff a local Global Classrooms conference; staffing a local Global Classrooms conference will provide a good experience if you do not already have experience teaching Model UN or working on outreach programs. Find out more at the UNA-USA Global Classrooms staffing page.

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