BUSUN Liveblog: Day 2 Crisis Committees and Interviews with Upper Arlington and Pelham Memorial High Schools

by KFC on November 14, 2010

USA Cabinet responding to Pakistani Cabinet

Day 2 of BUSUN is under way! I had a chance to cover several of the crisis committees and ask Michael from Upper Arlington High School in Ohio about his experience in the East Asian Futuristic Crisis – Chinese Cabinet so far:

Check out some more action from different crisis committees:

Summit between China, Japan, and Rep. of Korea

Chinese Cabinet addressing pro-democracy protests

French Cabinet debating about religious public schools

How have delegates enjoyed the conference so far? Pelham Memorial High School in New York shares what they like about BUSUN:

I also had a chance to ask Best Delegate reader Jennie from Pelham Memorial High School about her thoughts on what makes an outstanding delegate:

Are you at BUSUN? Let us know what you think of the conference in the comments!

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