Call for Applications: WFUNA UN4MUN Workshop at UN Headquarters, November 21-23

by erik on September 9, 2016

Basic Facts

The World Federation of UN Associations will be organizing a 3-day UN4MUN Workshop at the UN Headquarters in New York from 21-23 November, 2016.  This workshop is being organized in conjunction with the 2017 World Federation of UN Associations International Model UN (WIMUN) conference that will take place in New York from 1-4 February 2017

nov2015un4munworkshopUN4MUN was developed by the UN Department of Public Information to provide the most accurate simulation of UN meetings in the world. WFUNA has been at the forefront of promoting this unique approach which mirrors the way real diplomats negotiate at the UN today where close to 80% of the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly each session are adopted without taking a vote. The UN4MUN workshop will provide a window on how the negotiating process at the UN has changed in order to promote consensus between Member States. UN4MUN is the only simulation that prepares students who are interested in being a diplomat or working with an intergovernmental body how international negotiations actually work.

The workshop will focus on giving students and MUN advisors a basic understanding of:

  • The Rules of Procedure used by the General Assembly and Security Council
  • How decisions are made in the UN General Assembly and UNSC
  • How Member States draft resolutions
  • The duties and responsibilities of the UN Secretariat, General Assembly and Security Council officials
  • The consensus negotiation process that takes place during informal meetings
  • How to chair meetings
  • The differences between UN4MUN and other MUN programmes
  • ….. and much more.

The UN4MUN Workshop will be interactive and provide participants with hands-on experience on how to organize the main elements of a UN4MUN conference: debate, negotiation, and taking action on a draft resolution.


2015un4munworkshopgroupphotoThis workshop is designed primarily for students who organize MUN simulations or have participated in a MUN conference at the high school or university level. In addition, any student who has had a leadership role in organizing a conference or has participated as a delegate and wants to learn more about UN4MUN is also eligible to apply. Applicants are required to have participated in at least one Model UN simulation prior to the workshop and must be able to communicate in English.
Faculty MUN advisors who have a role in training or supervising students who organize or participate in MUN conferences are also eligible. Faculty advisors must be associated with an academic institution or non-governmental organization and must submit proof of their role on official letterhead from an academic institution or non-governmental organization in order to be eligible.


Registration is now open on the WFUNA International Model UN website. Click here for registration information

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