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by Emily on January 15, 2012

Delegates writing a working paper during an unmoderated caucus in the African Union

This year’s Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition (CMUNCE XI) contained a number of diverse committees. From the more traditional Security Council to historical committees such as the Detante and Confrontation 1979 and Trojans vs. Achaeans to fantasy committees like the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter: Order of The Phoenix. There were also multiple midnight crises on Friday night, in Committees like the Yalta Conference and Order of The Phoenix. Delegates found the crises to be an overall great experience. One delegate said that though they had never participated in a crises before the dais was helpful in clarifying what was going on and it made the committee more exciting and the overall experience more memorable.

One feature unique to CMUNCE is the use of technology. Every committee has its own Twitter account and tweets regularly about what is happening in committee or in the crisis. Delegates found this feature to be particuary helpful because it allowed them to keep up with not only their own committee but all committees at CMUNCE.

The Tibetan historian being held captive in the Central Tibetan Administration.

CMUNCE also tries to have engaging committees by throwing curveballs at the delegates. In the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) a delegate, a renowned Tibetan scholar and philosopher, was taken hostage from the committee meeting place in India and was being held for ransom for five million dollars and was believed to be held by Chinese millitants. The historian was then murdered by his captives after trying to the CTA. Delegates then had to come to a decision about how to address the kidnapping and killing in the international community. Delegates enjoyed the action of the CTA committee saying, “I’ve never been in a committee where a delegate was taken out like that but it was really cool. It made us compromise more to get to a faster solution on what to do about the kidnapped delegate.”


  •  Gulf Coast recieved Best Large Delegation
  • St. Ignacius received Outstanding Large Delegation
  • Princeton High School received Best Small Delegation

Gulf Coast received Best Large Delegation.

Delegates posing in the crisis room

Delegate in the African Union

Game of Thrones twitter

Delegates working in an unmoderated caucus

Delegates in the African Union

Delegates voting in the African Union

Dobby using a quill to write in the Order of The Phoenix committee

Delegates voting in the Order of the Phoenix

A delegate speaking in Central Tibetan Administration


  • Michael Treves

    I would just like to clarify for your records that Princeton High School (NJ) in fact won Best Small Delegation, not Choate Academy. This was Princeton High School’s fourth time winning Best Small Delegation at CMUNCE in the last four years.

    • Nap Ii


  • Sasha Chhabra

    Excuse me, mr best delegate sir, Princeton High School actually won best small delegation, incidentally winning it for the fourth time in the four years CMUNCE has given this award.

  • Ofry Shatzky

    Lol Best delegate, y u guys get facts wrong? PHS won best small delegation with swag (btw, PHS has won best small delegation/best delegation in CMUNCE for the past 4 years)

  • Insia Ali Zaidi

    PHS won best small delegation!!!!!! WOO

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