CMUNNY VII: Greatest Conference in the Greatest City

by KFC on October 9, 2012

This recap was provided by Sarah Lee, Secretary-General of CMUNNY VII. 

CMUNNY Opening Ceremonies

For its seventh annual session, Columbia Model United Nations in New York welcomed a record number of delegates from 29 institutions in 5 different countries and 16 states, an unprecedented level of international and school diversity represented at the conference. Despite the exponential increase in delegate attendance, the conference maintained an exceptional 1-to-2 staff-to-delegate ratio, and dedicated Columbians went above and beyond to give life to some of the most exciting and unique simulations.

After ruling out parliamentary procedures as “too authoritative,” The Culture proceeded to discuss on matters that delegates defined as “odd but really fun,” including but not limited to political crises between nuclear civilizations in the first throes of industrialization and space battles between sentient plants and a race of humanoid vegetarians. The G-20 Summit incorporated the internet in its committee proceeding to entertain directives, while next door, the Council of Constance went from having three, to five, then one Pope and Skyped with God twice. Even in times of war and trouble, the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General that convened for Queen Victoria’s Garden Party, 1858 dined like kings and queens, mobilizing troops and backstabbing each other with constant tea and pastry service during the weekend.

Participants all performed wonderfully in fast-paced committee sessions, scrambling for power and concessions, and on Saturday night, all converged in the heart of Manhattan to reach a consensus on the beauty of fine food catering and New York’s exciting nightlife.

Congratulations to all of the participants on such a fantastic performance!

Delegation Awards:

Best Large: University of Chicago
Outstanding Large: Harvard University
Best Small: Florida International University
Outstanding Small: Stanford University

New York University also contended for a delegation award. Other teams with multiple award winners included George Washington University, University of Florida, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, College of William & Mary, Emory University, and Tufts University. Note that several teams split their delegations to attend both CMUNNY and SCSY.

More pictures on

The Ad Hoc crisis staff

Lots of directives and notes are written in the crisis-oriented committees

Delegates vote at CMUNNY

Delegates participate in a roundtable discussion

A delegate speaks during CMUNNY

Colombian Defence Ministry chair Lauren Birriel is enjoying CMUNNY

Hot Pursuit: Delegates of the Colombian Defense Ministry getting killed by crisis staffers

Hot Pursuit: Colombian Defense Ministry, 2008 delegates in committee session

Susannah Wang (U.Chicago) speaks in the Qing Dynasty Imperial Court

G20 Summit, 2012 delegates during an unmoderated caucus

Teatime with the Ad Hoc Committee’s Dais

Full tea and pastry service for the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General, Queen Victoria’s Garden Party, 1858

Ad hoc staffer Ben Rimland and Harvard head delegate Rodolfo Diaz

How CMUNNY Ad Hoc does maps

Time for a crisis update!

A delegate speaks in the Icelandic Althingi committee

The Culture

Alex Collazo, CIRCA President and mastermind of The Culture

“God” getting ready to Skype with her college of Cardinals in the Council of Constance, 1414 committee

Papal Schism: Council of Constance, 1414

Delegates negotiate outside the halls during CMUNNY

Delegates receive a crisis update

Congrats to Secretary-General Sarah Lee and her staff on a successful conference! Credits go to Sarah Lee for the article, Chloe Blanchard for helping, Po Linn Chia and the CMUNNY Facebook page for the photos.


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