CMUNNY Awards: U. Chicago, Georgetown, George Washington, UMass Amherst Start the Season Strong

by KFC on October 9, 2011

The Ad Hoc: Cuban Counter-revolution of 2014 committee celebrates a fun weekend at CMUNNY

CMUNNY kicked off this year with over 350 delegates and some of the most creative and dynamic committees on the circuit. Delegates took the roles of not only diplomats and heads of state, but also pirates and rap stars. The Supreme Court not only deliberated the legitimacy of Obama’s health care bill, but also, on the last day of committee adjudicated a rap battle between the warring west coast and east coast factions of rap stars.

Check out some of our photos here or read below for several committee recaps as well as the awards!

Ramzi Abdoch, the chair of “The Greatest Story Ever Told: Defjam and Badboy 1994” committee said:

“We instituted a “”rapper’s list””, similar to a speaker’s list, in which the delegates could only debate in rhyme. Ultimately, allegiances were tested, turf contested, and raps bested. West side brought the heat and laid down some science, while the East Coast imploded, exhuming the snitch we all so desperately wanted to reveal. Via crunchy beats and tender noods, we amplified and dissected the true definition of Hip Hop’s growth and struggle. Together, we helped tackle the issues of Black on Black Crime, Crack Music, and project planning on the most fundamental level, through the lens of the thing we love most: Hip Hop.”

Other committees ranged from a symposium of pirates to our historical ad-hoc. Chuck Roberts and Will Leonard, the master minds behind the historical ad-hoc on the McCarthy spoke of his committee:

“It has been said by none other than the junior senator from Wisconsin himself that ‘McCarthyism is nothing but Americanism with its sleeves rolled up.’ By this logic it was over the objection of certain Unamericans that the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations rolled up its sleeves and set about the solemn task of protecting the United States from an ominous enemy within: the massive Communist Conspiracy, which the chairman assures you all would have been uncovered had his devices been given full sanction by his honorable colleagues. Alas, this was not to be and the American people had to settle for small fish in the great sea of impending doom within our government and our institutions of higher education–an executive assistant, and a Columbia Professor. Perhaps this was the beginning of the end for chairman McCarthy; perhaps it was not. For him and for others like him from 1954 until today however Edward R. Murrow still rings true: No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices. Good night and good luck.”


Best Large Delegation: University of Chicago
Outstanding Large Delegation: Georgetown University
Best Small Delegation: George Washington University
Outstanding Small Delegation: University of Massachusetts – Amherst

The University of Chicago absolutely dominated last Fall and they got off to another great start this year by winning Best Large Delegation. Chicago was led by gavel winners Rohan Sandhu, Clara Spera, Susannah Wang, William Wilcox, Erin Britton, and co-delegates Blake Alex and Will Shaw.

Georgetown kept the competition very close though with one more total award but one less gavel than U. Chicago and took home the Outstanding Large Delegation ahead of Harvard and NYU. Besides those four schools, UPenn and William & Mary also took home many awards.

George Washington won Best Small Delegation in a very tight contest between the small delegations. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst won the Outstanding Small Delegation in what could be considered an upset over several more well-known names.

Other schools with delegates receiving individual awards included: Miami, Michigan State, McGill, Boston University, Emory, Rutgers, North Carolina, Florida Gulf Coast University, Princeton, Bard, and the American University of Dubai.

CMUNNY is the first of four consecutive weeks of conferences in the competitive World Division circuit. SCSY is up next followed by BarMUN and NCSC to finish up a busy October for college MUNers.


Thank you to Secretary-General Duygu Yilmaz and Director-General Sarah Lee for the hospitality, to USG of Committees Tejraj Antooa for showing Best Delegate around, to USG of Public Relations Lauren Birriel for helping us with this article, and to the entire CMUNNY staff for a great start to the college MUN season!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to the winners and to all teams at the conference. I have to say I was very disappointed with CMUNNY this year. I heard good things about last year, but the committees were absolutely abominable, which was the general sentiment across the conference. To their credit, I heard many committees improved as the conference went on, but the first two/three sessions were among the worst I’d ever experienced. Also, the closing ceremonies was the epitome of a lack of professionalism. Not that I need formal, ordered closings, but the Sec-Gen’s “thank you speeches” was not anything you’d expect to hear at a closing, I wouldn’t be surprised if even the CIRCA members were surprised.

    Also, the delegate event on Saturday night was switched 2 hours before the event. I understand it was slightly out of their control, but you would expect a conference to lock down their location in a way that they couldn’t be canceled on last minute. From what I understand the bar felt that not enough of the participants were under 21, which could have easily been solved by a high bar-guarantee. Also why did the events end at 1/1:30 in New York?

    I know that I seem harsh, but I think this website is also about feedback about how the conference went, for people to gauge where they want to go next year and the quality of the conference, and this is honest feedback on that. If you take issue with any of my points, I don’t mind defending them.

    • My'lord

      I have to disagree with you on some of this. The Sec-Gen’s speech and the delegate event were rather strange, but the committees were not abominable by any stretch of the imagination. I quite enjoyed mine, and most of my delegation did as well. I brought 12 delegates, and only one really disliked her committee.

    • Joe

      We brought 12 delegates as well, and all 12 of them thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I don’t think it’s fair to discredit the efforts of the Sec-Gen just like that. As for the ‘thank you speeches’, I believe she was simply speaking from the bottom of her heart, and if you have a problem with that it’s probably just your own opinion. I thought the Secretariat did a good job collecting feedback from schools at the end of every session, and really improved over the course of the conference.

      On a side note, I was on the Xian Conference, and I found the committee to be very enjoyable. The Chair was not the most well-informed about parliamentary procedure, but there was always lively debate. I agree that Chicago is the school to beat this year. The Chicago delegate on my committee was baller. I don’t remember her name, but she was White-Asian mixed. Absolutely dominated the Guomingdang side, and actually got people to give her their voting rights. To my knowledge she was a sophomore, so Chicago really is churning out MUN-machines. What I found commendable was that she beat seniors from reputable MUN teams Gtown, Michigan State, Miami. Michigan State and Gtown also did a fine job, and I definitely think these teams are going to do well this year.

      Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to all who made the conference so enjoyable for our delegation. Next up, SCSY!

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