CMUNNY V Liveblog and Best Delegate on Foursquare!

by Ryan on October 7, 2010

UPDATE: Conference Recap and Video Interview!

Georgetown Wins Best Large Delegation!

Conference Recap

CMUNNY V was great! The vibe of the conference was cool and laid-back – everyone took the activity of MUN seriously without being too intense about it. Delegates and dais staff alike got really involved in their committees while still having a good time.

The committees themselves were fun and creative, including a Lord of the Rings simulation of the “Council of Elrond.” My favorite @BestDelegate tweet of the conference: “In the Lord of the Rings committee. I wonder if failed resolutions end with wizards screaming ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!’ #CMUNNY_V”

And the secretariat seemed to have just as much fun as the delegates, sailing through the weekend with an easygoing leadership style that set the relaxed tone of CMUNNY V.

Congratulations to everyone on a highly successful conference!

Video Interview of Secretary-General

The Best Delegate team also had a chance to sit down with Secretary-General Karen Woodin-Rodriguez, “Late Night” style! See the video below and on our YouTube channel.

A few highlights from the video:

How was your experience as Secretary-General?

“Creating something from scratch, and then you see everyone come here — it’s just a great feeling.” @ 1:18

How does CMUNNY select committees?

“We encourage people to think about something that they’re really passionate about…’How can you turn a passion that you have or an interest that you have into a decision-making body?'” @ 2:16

What does Model UN mean to you?

“It was a great tool to learn…it also helped me get into Columbia.” @ 4:58

“When I think about college, I’m going to think about Model UN as my fondest memories.” @ 6:05

Thank you from the Best Delegate team to Karen, Director-General Maggie Herman, and the CMUNNY V Secretariat for their gracious hospitality! Thanks for having us!


CMUNNY V (Columbia Model United Nations in New York)

Delegation Award Winners

Let us know what you thought about CMUNNY V in the comments!

UPDATE: CMUNNY V Opening Ceremonies

CMUNNY V Opening Ceremonies

CMUNNY V Opening Ceremonies was great! I asked delegates, “What are you most looking forward to this weekend?” Their response?

“Small, crisis-based committees.”

“Good debate.”

“The chance to be in New York City!”

See Secretary-General Karen Woodin-Rodriquez’s opening ceremonies speech:

Stay tuned for more updates!

* * *

Best Delegate will be at CMUNNY Opening Ceremonies tonight! We hope to see you there!

Also — Best Delegate is on Foursquare!

Add BestDelegate as a friend on Foursquare for tips on what to do in committee and around New York City!

CMUNNY V is also a venue you can check-in to throughout the weekend — Try to become Mayor! (Secretary-General was already taken, sorry)

Let us know what you think about CMUNNY V in the comments! And stay tuned for more updates!

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