Coming Out of Retirement: Best Delegate to Compete!

by Sarah Lambino on April 1, 2011

And Best Delegate goes to...Best Delegate?!

The Best Delegate Team is coming out of Model UN retirement to compete competitively for the 2011!

After weeks of live blogging Model UN conferences, the Best Delegate team has decided to finish out the rest of the Spring 2011 Model UN conference season as the world’s best delegates.

In a surprise move this weekend, Ryan Villanueva has decided to become a delegate in every West Point Security Conference (WPSC) committee. Who said you couldn’t gavel in multiple committees?

Given Best Delegate’s decision, Kevin Felix Chan has decided to update the high school, world and national division rankings to the top five contenders:

  1. Best Delegate Team
  2. Best Delegate Team
  3. Best Delegate Team
  4. Best Delegate Team
  5. Best Delegate Team

Make sure to follow us next week at the Global Classrooms International Model UN: Middle School conference where we’re guaranteed to take home the prize.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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