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by KFC on November 11, 2010

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Conference Previews

This weekend is one of the Top 10 Weekends of the Model UN season with twelve conferences taking place across North America. Best Delegate previewed the Northeast, West Coast, and college conferences earlier this week. The West Coast article contains some interesting discussion about scoring philosophies and strategies. Today, Best Delegate will take a look at the Southern showdowns — William & Mary’s WMHSMUN, SUSMUN, Georgia State’s GSUMUN, and Centreville High School’s CENMUN. Then come catch us on the road as we liveblog Brown’s BUSUN, Rutgers’ RUMUN, and UCLA’s BruinMUN this weekend!

William & Mary High School Model United Nations (WMHSMUN)

The College of William & Mary will be hosting WMHSMUN in Williamsburg, Virginia. The conference lineup includes 8 General Assembly committees, 11 specialized committees, and 5 novice-specific committees. Six of the specialized committees are actually three sets of joint crisis committees. William & Mary will be hosting its first Leadership Summit on Saturday that will allow high school MUN leaders learn how to run an effective program and an effective conference. The conference also has several social activities including its Ghost Tours. The Secretary-General this year is Nakul Kabada.

IMUNA’s Southern United States Model United Nations (SUSMUN)

The International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) brings its conference-hosting experience to the Southern United States Model United Nations Conference which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, for its third year. IMUNA is also the host of the National High School Model United Nations conference and the Regional High School Model United Nations conference and this conference is staffed by many volunteers who also staff NHSMUN as well as volunteers from Emory University. The conference lineup features nine traditional UN committees including the UN Peacekeeping Mission to the Congo. The Secretary-General is Daniel Weinberg from the University of South Carolina.

Georgia State University Model United Nations (GSUMUN)

Georgia State University is hostings its GSUMUN conference in Atlanta this week from November 10-11, 2010. The conference theme this year is “Addressing Roadblocks to Human Rights and Development” and the conference lineup reflects this with seven traditional UN committees: General Assembly, SOCHUM, UNHCR, HRC, FAO, UNDP, and the Security Council. The Secretary-General this year is Ina Seferovic.

Centreville High School Model United Nations (CENMUN)

Centreville High School will be hosting its one-day CENMUN conference in Clifton, Virginia. The conference has three traditional UN committees – DISEC, SOCHUM, and SPECPOL – plus a Harry Potter-themed committee on the Ministry of Magic. The Secretary-General is Harini Manikandan. Harini is a Best Delegate reader and we wish the CENMUN staff a successful conference!


This completes all twelve conference previews this week. We hope to see you at BUSUN, RUMUN, and BruinMUN this weekend! And don’t forget the launch of our free eBook on Monday: How Model UN Can Help You Get into College.


Tip of the Day

Your country can establish leadership early in committee by framing the topic and framing the debate. Other delegates will then want to address issues that are important to your country — and issues that you have done solid research on.


Will you be attending any of these conferences? Let us know in the comments!

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