Contra Costa County Model United Nations 2012

by KFC on November 4, 2012

Delegates enjoyed CCCMUN

The Contra Costa County Model United Nations is the only Model UN conference in the world hosted by a county or school district, and it is highly beneficial for many of the novice delegates doing Model UN for the first time as well as the experienced delegates warming up for larger conferences in Northern California. Now in its 22nd year, the conference is hosted by the Contra Costa County Office of Education and staffed by volunteers from the UC Davis Model UN club.

This was my fifth year involved with the conference and I got to serve as the keynote speaker for the first time. I shared two pieces of advice to delegates from my own journey in Model UN where I transformed from a shy delegate who’d shake while speaking to someone who could introduce Ban Ki-moon in front of the United Nations General Assembly Hall. The first piece of advice is that delegates should be aware of the Five Stages of Committee. The second piece of advice is that awards used to matter a lot to me, but when I look back at my Model UN career now, the highlights are not from my awards but from the times I was able to help others succeed. I also threw in a line from the Stuff Model UN Delegates Say video just because several Carondelet delegates told me right before Opening Ceremonies they’re big fans of the video.

Check out the liveblog of delegates and staff in action!


The dais for DISEC smiles for the camera

Israel (Deer Valley) and DPR Korea (Campolindo) consider their options regarding nuclear non-proliferation in DISEC

Delegates discuss possible solutions in DISEC

Turkey (Liberty) speaks during unmoderated caucus in DISEC

Russian Federation (Deer Valley) speaks during unmoderated caucus in DISEC


The SOCHUM dais

Colombia (Campolindo) collaborates with the rest of her allies to create operative clauses in the draft resolution in SOCHUM

Morocco (Dougherty Valley) lobbies for support of her ideas in SOCHUM

Italy (Carondelet) is in support of dead languages such as Latin in SOCHUM

Greece (Athenian) and Russian Federation (Deer Valley) discuss an idea together in SOCHUM

A delegate participates in unmoderated caucus on the topic of preservation of heritage languages in SOCHUM


Libya (Deer Valley) requests the international community to not violate their country’s sovereignty

Delegates caucus in SPECPOL

The United Kingdom (California High School) presents his solutions to allies during unmoderated caucus in SPECPOL

Delegates seek feedback from Libya on the topic of post-conflict reconstruction in SPECPOL

Delegates caucus in SPECPOL

Sixth Legal

Secretary-General Megan Nguyen poses with the Sixth Legal committee dais

Delegates debate capital punishment in the 6th Legal Committee

Pakistan (Carondelet) and Germany (Acalanes) negotiate with the rest of their caucus bloc in 6th Legal

Delegates work on different operative clauses for their draft resolution in 6th Legal

Canada (Campolindo) participates during unmoderated caucus in 6th Legal


The WHO chairs are enjoying the conference

Delegates discuss ideas during unmoderated caucus in the WHO

A delegate jots down ideas during unmoderated caucus in the WHO


The ECOSOC dais with Secretary-General Megan Nguyen and Director-General Alejandra Niebla

United Kingdom (California High), Germany (Acalanes), and Mexico (Carondelet) present their draft resolution in ECOSOC


UNDP chair Zelby Nelson provides guidance to a delegate

Unmoderated caucus is intense in UNDP

Finally a delegate is able to get this large caucus group’s attention

Japan (California High), United Kingdom (California High), and Germany (Acalanes) provide their feedback after looking through a draft resolution in UNDP

Canada (Campolindo) proposes a three-tier plan in the UNDP

Delegates caucus in the UNDP

Japan (California High) tries to convince another delegate in the UNDP

Morocco (Dougherty Valley) speaks during unmoderated caucus in the UNDP

A delegate is at the center of attention as she writes the draft resolution for the caucus bloc

Delegates work hard on their resolutions now that they have agreed on the ideas in UNDP


The UNICEF dais

A delegate speaks during unmoderated caucus in UNICEF

Canada (Campolindo) shares a lighter moment in committee

Delegates made new friends at CCCMUN

Japan (California High) makes a speech about gender equality in UNICEF


The dais for the FAO listen to the debate

Delegates raise up their placards during moderated caucus in the FAO

China (Athenian School) proposes genetically modified food to solve malnutrition in the FAO

Pakistan (Carondelet) voices her country’s opinion about genetically modified food in the FAO

Sudan (Campolindo) suggests educating farmers as part of the solution to malnutrition

Morocco (Dougherty Valley) speaks in the FAO

Security Council

The Security Council dais

Debate gets intense in the Security Council

The crisis staff hard at work on crises for Syria and North Korea


California High School won the Best Delegation award. The Athenian School and Campolindo High School also contended for the delegation award in its closest race in recent history. Deer Valley High School, Acalanes High School, and Dougherty Valley High School also performed well. Other teams that had multiple award winners include San Ramon Valley High School, De La Salle High School, Marin Academy, Heritage High School, and Carondelet High School.

But remember what I said during both Opening and Closing Ceremonies — awards matter but they are not the only form of validation and you should feel proud of your accomplishments regardless if you won an award or not.

Congratulations to all the delegates for a successful conference and thank you to Secretary-General Megan Nguyen and all the UC Davis staff for a wonderful committee experience!

Thanks to all the UC Davis staff for a successful CCCMUN!


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