Defining Success for 2013-2014

by KFC on September 22, 2013

Best Delegate will be expanding our highly-rated summer programs and training camps

Best Delegate will be expanding our highly-rated summer programs and training camps

Welcome back to the Model UN circuit! Many of you are probably already making plans for the year; we’ve been doing the same as well. One key to Best Delegate’s growth is that we set goals for ourselves every year. In other words, we have to define what success means for us this year. We wanted to share our goals below, and we are curious to hear your goals in the comments as well because it would be valuable feedback in understanding how we can help the community.

Success for the Best Delegate team in 2013-2014 means:

Providing global media coverage.

Our goal is to provide the best Model UN resources and news coverage in the world through the website. Last year, we hired the inaugural class of Media Associates who’ve successfully expanded coverage of the website from its North American roots to a global viewership of over 350,000 readers from 190+ countries and territories.

Success for us this year is to expand our Media Associate team to provide better coverage, particularly in regions that have been underrepresented on the website. A larger team will also help generate more original articles to provide more diverse insights into strategies, trends, and stories within the community.

Delivering world-class training.

Our goal is to help Model UN participants – delegates, conference organizers, and faculty advisors – find success in the activity. Between our extended summer period of May through October, we will have taught at 16 summer programs and training camps: Georgetown x2, Berkeley, UCLA, Florida, UCI, Connecticut, Fremont, Hawaii, Jordan, Qatar x2, Korea, Norway, Honduras, and Taiwan.

Success for us this year is to expand the highly-rated summer programs and training camps both within North America and in other regions around the world. In addition, we will be establishing online webinars to better deliver training throughout the year to more audiences at free or lower costs.

Help non-profits succeed.

Our goal is to help major non-profits with larger missions succeed in their involvement in Model UN and beyond. We’ve supported the work of various organizations such as the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), the UN Foundation, Montessori MUN, THIMUN Qatar, Online MUN, California YMCA, and other schools and non-profits.

Success for us this year is to continue helping these non-profits succeed. In addition, major initiatives that we would like to help support include the United Nations’ UN4MUN initiative to educate conferences on how to simulate the UN more accurately.


Those are our goals for this 2013-2014 school year. Of course, Best Delegate’s goals would only be valuable if they are aligned with the goals of conferences, clubs, and participants within the community. We’re curious to know – what are your goals this year and how are you defining success? Please share in the comments!

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