Delegates You See at the Thanksgiving Table

by Elaine Miao on November 25, 2017

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone; for our folks in the United States, this may have meant a bustling dinner with family. While grabbing some stuffing and casserole, one may glance around the table and slowly begin to notice the types of people they usually meet in a MUN committee. Here are who your relatives would be, if you were all in a committee room together.

  1. Grandpa: That Back-of-the-Room Delegate

Grandpa came for the cranberry sauce and the dark turkey meat. Asleep in his armchair by 5 pm, Grandpa does not bother to try and have menial conversations on how life is. While some debate might pique his interest, it’s more the drama than the content that makes him listen.

  1. The Parent(s): the One(s) Who Deserves Best Delegate

The one who really runs the show, your parent truly has everything put together. They’ve probably been running around the house and the grocery store since yesterday, organizing house and meal. While they are sweet and accommodating, they take charge of their dinner.

  1. Your Younger Sister: the Delegate Who Brings a Binder of Wikipedia Research but Didn’t Read through It All

Your little sister, in fifth grade, probably just took the unit on pilgrims and how they landed on Plymouth Rock in social studies class. She thinks she knows everything now about the tradition of Thanksgiving, and wants to get everything right from the bonnets to the foods that the pilgrims and Native Americans reportedly ate at the first Thanksgiving table. She doesn’t know yet about the full history, but she’ll act like she does.

  1. The Loud Uncle: Gavel Hunter

Your uncle means well, he does—but he can’t help but attempt to control the room with his booming voice. He inserts himself into every conversation, and loudly boasts about his daughter in third grade taking fourth grade math. All dialogues he starts with people will probably revolve around him, and he’ll take way too much credit for the cole slaw that he brought.

  1. You: the New Delegate

You just came here to have a good time and some good food, and you’re honestly feeling so attacked by the parallels you’re beginning to draw between your family at the dinner table and the MUN conference you just came from. But, you take a deep breath, smile, and use the techniques you learned at the Model UN Institute to navigate this complicated Thanksgiving table.


All jokes aside, we hope that everyone who celebrated had a wonderful holiday and break from responsibilities!

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