Delhi University Model United Nations (DUMUN) Preview

by Emily on October 18, 2011

This preview was written by the Secretary General of DUMUN ’11, Rajat Rai Handa. Rajat is a second year undergraduate student from University of Delhi. To contact please go to

Delhi University Model United Nations 2011

New Delhi, India

22 -24th October 11

Model United Nations is an academic adaption of the United Nations, designed at making the world appreciate the relevance of the United Nations in the age of globalization.

India’s initiation into the foray of MUNs has been fairly recent, however the palpable place it has made for itself in every student’s life here deserves express credit.

MUN – ing in New Delhi began as an understudy to debating. But in the passage of time and thanks to some people’s conviction to being unique and different from those who spent their time debating, MUNs were brought into focus and given the exceptional reputation that they deserve. MUNs were seen as an opportunity for students to be leaders and learn about worldy, political affairs in a setting that was vastly different from that of a classroom learning. It also allowed a person to befriend and interact with students from other education institutions, thus adding the social life boosting appeal to MUNs already existing intellectual charm.

Over the years Model UN has indeed surpassed the tag of an “Extra-Curricular Activity” and become much more than just a hobby amongst students all over the world. It is something that is helping students discover themselves and their potential. Such conferences are not just for students interested in politics and international relations anymore but in-fact, also for students who come from and aim to diversify in different walks of life. This sort of a wholesome experience appealed to the student thus making Delhi’s passion for MUNs surpass that for any other activity in a student’s academic life.

Delhi University Model United Nations, more famously known as DUMUN, is India’s only central university Model UN conference organized under the aegis of University of Delhi. DUMUN’11 – in its second year of inception – will see a participation of about 500 students from not only India but across the world as well. Structured with both, conventional and unconventional committees, Delhi University Model United Nations 2011 will set new benchmarks for a different class of conferences all over the country.

True to the mission of the United Nations, DUMUN provides a framework to participants to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. It aims to provide the delegates with an exhilarating debating experience and a learning experience that will be paralleled to no other.

Rajat Rai Handa



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