2013-2014 Collegiate Preview: Emory University

by Mari on October 7, 2013

Two of Emory’s most successful delegates, Pritika Gupta and Maria Alvarez bring experience and leadership to a young team.  Emory finished last season in 14th place overall in our final rankings.  This past weekend, Emory won several awards at Columbia’s CMUNNY.

The ChoMUN 2013 delegation from Emory poses with their awards

The ChoMUN 2013 delegation from Emory poses with their awards. (Photo courtesy of Pritika Gupta)

What are your goals for this year for your team? 

Pritika: EMUN is a relatively young team on the circuit and our newer/ younger members are well aware of this fact. Nonetheless, they’re really hard working and my main goal is to train the team such that they are aware that time is not the sole establishing factor when it comes to making good delegates.

Maria: This year, I want our delegates to walk into every committee session feeling confident and prepared. My goal is to use new strategies for training so that we can continue to expand the way we think about conference prep. Whether it’s making great speeches, coming up with awesome solutions, or just debating in general, I want our delegates to feel they can go out and give their very best.

 What are you most looking forward to this season?

Pritika: This is my 4th year with Emory Model United Nations and it is an honor to finish off my college career as head delegate and President. I’m looking forward to watching EMUN do some great things on the circuit this year and reach the potential that I know we have. I’m just always letting them know that I will always be their biggest fan – I think every team needs a head delegate that does that. I’m looking forward to watching our new delegates forge new friendships with the people they will meet on the circuit, just as I have for the past few years.

Maria: I’m most looking forward to meeting lots of new people on the circuit, and seeing our new delegates get their feet wet. I still remember what it was like to step into committee for the first time, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all feel that rush.

Each day leading up to Yale’s SCSY and Boston University’s BarMUN, we’ll be featuring a few teams. If you would like to see your team featured, and Best Delegate hasn’t contacted you, please reach out to Mari Manoogian at marimanoogian@nullbestdelegate.com

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