Five College Model UN: British Empire vs. Iranian Shah joint crisis on Bahrain

by KFC on April 4, 2011

One of the joint crisis committees at the Five College Model UN conference was the British Empire vs. the Iranian Shah on the issue of Bahrain’s declaration of independence which has political, economic, and military implications to the region. Iran is infuriated by the secession of its 14th province while Britain seeks to hinder Iranian influence in the region. Check out the committee!

The Chair of the Iranian Shah decides who will get to speak next on the issue of Bahrain declaring its independence

A delegate from the United States Naval Academy in the British-allied Bahrain cabinet talks through the consequences of Bahrain declaring its independence

A delegate in the British-allied Bahrain makes his case about the economic impact of independence

MUN rockstar Laura Bernstein of Mt. Holyoke College chairs the British-allied Bahrain cabinet

The crisis reaches a peak when the Shah gets assassinated

Congrats on Best Delegate reader Nazeela Nasseri of Mt. Holyoke College (center) and her team for running a fun crisis!

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