Five College MUN Liveblog: Feature on the Three Kingdoms of China

by KFC on April 3, 2011

The Three Kingdoms joint crisis simulated military strategy on a Risk-like map of China

The Five College MUN conference (FCMUN) featured a joint crisis committee between the generals of the Wu Kingdom, the generals of the Shu Kingdom, and the generals of the Wei Kingdom (the latter is played by the crisis staff). The theme of the simulation was the Three Kingdoms set in China in AD 215. Emperor Xian, the last monarch of the Han Dynasty, no longer has real power. True authority rests in the hands of three soon-to-be kingdoms who will clash to control China.

The crisis staff created an innovative set of rules where delegates need to formulate military strategy and move generals and their armies in a Risk-like map of China. Check out this video of the Wu generals debating their military strategy:

Was their strategy successful — or did the Shu outsmart them? Click “Learn more” to find out!

Here’s another look at the Wu Kingdom in action:

Crisis Director Ian Russell (right) works with the Wu cabinet to understand their complex attempt to trap the Shu forces

And here is the Shu Kingdom in action:

Generals outline their tactical movements on the chalkboard

The Shu generals recognize the need to defend their troops from fire arrows

Another look at troop placements in China

The two sides then engaged in military battle — the Wu seemed to be more on the offensive in its pursuit to takeover a strategic city while the Shu seemed concern to defend its army from a second consecutive defeat.

Crisis Director Ian Russell explains the outcome of the battle to both sides

The Wu Kingdom is composed of all civilian delegates playing the roles of generals while the Shu Kingdom supposedly has one or two members who have a military background. Despite the lack of real-life military training, the Wu were able to defeat the Shu handedly in both military battles that they have waged.

Check out the rest of the committees in action!

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