Five College MUN Liveblog: Interview with Secretary-General Margaret Fitzgerald and Advice on Starting a Conference

by KFC on April 4, 2011

Secretary-General Margaret Fitzgerald speaking at Opening Ceremonies

Meet Five College Model United Nations (FCMUN) Secretary-General Margaret Fitzgerald! Margaret is from Mount Holyoke College and she has done an excellent job at organizing this conference. She was also the one to initially reach out to Best Delegate to liveblog this conference and gave us an interesting story to cover including the story of FCMUN itself.

In this interview, she shares many takeaways that smaller schools and newer programs can learn, especially if your program wants to start its own conference: the Five College model and how smaller schools can pool resources together, the mentality to not give up and not rush into things when trying to organize your first conference, and the advantages of simulating smaller committees.

Check out some of the action from the committees:

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