Best Delegate Withdraws From Future We Want MUN Conference

by Ryan on December 14, 2017

Dear Model UN Community,

On November 27, Best Delegate announced the launch of the “Future We Want MUN Conference” (FWWMUN) on our websites, social media, and email list.

As of December 14, however, Best Delegate has officially withdrawn from the conference and no longer has anything to do with FWWMUN or any of the organizing partners.

In late October, Best Delegate agreed to organize FWWMUN for an organization called the Italy MUN Society (IMUNS). After we started work on the conference, IMUNS introduced two new organizing partners, the Italian Diplomatic Academy (IDA) and the World Federation of Model United Nations Associations (WFMUNA).

Then, after announcing the launch of FWWMUN, we became aware of serious issues that we believe call into question the legitimacy of IMUNS, IDA, and WFMUNA. These issues led to our decision to withdraw from FWWMUN.

To summarize, Best Delegate is not affiliated in any way with IMUNS, IDA, WFMUNA, or FWWMUN. Any communication from IMUNS, IDA, WFMUNA, or FWWMUN regarding Best Delegate is unauthorized. If you receive any communication to the contrary, I ask that you immediately forward it to for verification.

We appreciate your understanding, and we remain committed to our mission of helping students and educators around the world build successful Model United Nations programs.


Ryan Villanueva
Best Delegate


The statement above was also emailed to those who applied for FWWMUN, and a PDF version is also available here.

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