Global Classrooms International Model United Nations (GCIMUN) 2012

by KFC on June 10, 2012

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon takes a picture of the delegates and tweeted it during the 13th annual GCIMUN conference in New York.

The 13th annual Global Classrooms International Model United Nations (GCIMUN) conference was held from May 17-19 in New York City. Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies took place at the United Nations headquarters, and this year’s General Assembly plenary session focused on the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio +20).

Opening Ceremonies was another treat as delegates got to hear UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speak about the need for youth to have their voices heard. He answered questions he had received on Twitter and then took a photo of the audience at the General Assembly Hall to tweet! Delegates also got to hear from Monique Coleman of High School Musical fame who now serves as the first-ever UN Youth Champion. Reflecting on her own actions after sitting in the GA Hall a year ago, she emphasized that you don’t need permission from someone else — you’re the leaders now and can make a change. Secretary-General Chuck Roberts encouraged students to seek to understand rather than seek to be understood.

Delegates from all around the world then got together in committees to solve a plethora of international issues. Check out all the action in the video and photos below as well as the MUN Chronicle website! You can also find highlights at the UNA-USA website.

Here are more photos from the conference:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encouraged youth to have their voices rise up!

Monique Coleman shared her story of how she took action after hearing about issues affecting youth. She emphasized that you don't need someone else's permission to be a leader today.

The UN Women dais. Their dais motto was: diversity! ;)

Delegates caucusing in UNESCO

The dais of the UNEP in action

Delegates line up to get their comments in during moderated caucus in UNEP

UNDP Chair Anthony Aslou helps answer a question for a delegate

Delegates work on their draft resolution in the UNDP

UNDP Director Afsana Rahman (right) provides feedback to a delegate

Co-delegates look over their ideas in the UNDP

A delegate stands out during moderated caucus in the UNDP

UNDP delegates caucus outside the room to hash out their ideas

Earth Summit: Western Europe chair Marco Alberti tells a story to his delegates to encourage them to project their voice

The Earth Summit: Asia Group caucuses together

The United Kingdom makes a speech in the Earth Summit: Western Europe regional

Two co-delegates make a speech in the Earth Summit: Western Europe

A delegate tries to convince the rest of the bloc to agree with her ideas in the Earth Summit: Asia Group

Global Classrooms staff are always helpful to ensure that the newer delegates get a good Model UN experience

Earth Summit: Eastern Europe chair Daphna Gall explains how to write a resolution to a delegate

Delegates in the Earth Summit: Eastern Europe write down their ideas into a draft resolution

GCIMUN brought in a lot of expert guest speakers. Here, the IAEA committee gets treated to a presentation by Geoffrey Shaw, the Director of the IAEA Office at the UN Headquarters

The FAO dais in action

The General Assembly First Committee dais smiles for Best Delegate!

Delegates write their resolutions on the floor in the GA First Committee

Delegates in GA First Committee share their ideas with each other

The Security Council dais chairing the committee

The Historical Security Council 1960 dais smiles for the camera

Historical Security Council 1960 delegates discuss the latest crisis update

The crisis staff negotiates with delegates in the Historical Security Council 1960

The dais of the Historical Security Council 1947

Delegates contemplate solutions in the Historical Security Councl 1947

Delegates read over a crisis update in the Historical Security Council 1947

The Chronicle staff at work. Check out!

Congratulations to all the delegates and staff on a successful Model UN conference!

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