Global Classrooms: Washington, DC Highlights

by Ryan on May 6, 2011

A stylish middle school delegate representing the United Kingdom talks about North Korea in the Security Council

I took a red-eye bus from NYC to DC on Wednesday morning to check out the Global Classrooms: Washington, DC conference! I was a little groggy but otherwise excited to be at the Department of State and see Model UN students in action!

Opening ceremonies featured keynote speeches by Ann Stock, Assistant Secretary of State for Education & Cultural Affairs, and Carey Wright, Chief Academic Officer of the District of Columbia Public Schools. GC:DC also had its first ever high school Secretary-General, Jose Mercedez Jr.

Over 600 middle school and high school students attended the conference, hailing mostly from the Washington, DC area, as well as a delegation from Ghana. In the video below, this middle school delegate representing Columbia gives a passionate speech in the Security Council about reunifying North and South Korea.

In addition to chairs and rapporteurs, the dais staff of every committee also included policy advisers — university students and professionals, including a few from the State Department, who were available as a resource to help delegates understand their topics better and write resolutions.

The dais staff included policy advisers to help delegates with their topics and resolutions. In this picture, this adviser introduces himself to Security Council delegates discussing North Korea -- he is a State Department professional who served in Korea.

Dominion Public High School and Rodney Thompson Public Middle School received the Secretary-General’s Award. Congratulations to all participants on a successful conference!

Dominion Public High School, who received the Secretary-General's Award

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