Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations (GLIMUN) Recap

by Emily on December 7, 2011

Delegates from the UN Environmental Programme self-moderate a caucus

Last week, the Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations (GLIMUN) met for the 37th year, bringing together some of the region’s powerhouse high school teams. For four days in Kalamazoo, MI, 250 delegates from 11 schools compete in one of the most true to form simulations of the United Nations on the circuit.

Delegates were spread across seven committees, three in the General Assembly, two in the Economic and Social Council and a simulation of the United Nations Security Council. Debating issues as complex as protecting humanitarian workers in conflict zones and the environmental impact of the United Nations itself, the application of universal jurisdiction of crimes against humanity and the threat of potential total territorial loss by states due to climate change, delegates had their work cut out for them.

After two and a half days of debate, and several resolutions passed through the committees, GLIMUN then took on a format unseen at most conferences: Plenary Session. The General Assembly and ECOSOC plenaries united their committees together, their individual delegates into delegations, which then had to work as a team to amend and pass the resolutions, agreed upon or voted down as a unified body. The style places an emphasis on teamwork and broad knowledge of all the topics at hand unseen at other competitions, while modeling the process of the UN in ways many delegates are unaware of.

The conference itself is run by the Great Lakes Invitational Conference Association, an independent non-profit that was started by students at Eastern Michigan University over thirty years ago. Unlike college-run conferences, GLIMUN has the advantage of drawing on volunteers from regional heavyweight schools like Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Northwestern University, while also having a more stable retinue of professionals. On staff this year were medical professionals, lawyers, biologists, and international relations professionals.

Competition was fierce this year at GLIMUN, but several schools rose above the others. In the General Assembly, Plenary awards were won by Royal Oak High School as Gabon, Forest Hills Northern as France, and the Roeper School as Brazil. In ECOSOC, Forest Hills Northern also pulled off a win as France, with the other delegation award taken by Egypt from Forest Hills Eastern. A full awards list can be found below. Delegates and advisors both left closing ceremonies excited for GLIMUN 2012. For more information, please visit


Best Delegates

  • Adam Mageed- France, DISEC
  • Aaron Bernard- Brazil, SPECPOL
  • Amit Khandhadia- DPRK, Legal
  • Hailey Dann- Ukraine, UNEP
  • Cody Colvin- Russian Fed, Sustainable Development
  • Bob Wang- France, Security Council

Honorable Mentions

  • Erik Burbulla- Brazil, DISEC
  • Cody Hoeffel- Gabon, DISEC
  • Freida Blostein- South Africa, SPECPOL
  • Collin Mathias- France, SPECPOL
  • John Kim- France, Sustainable Development
  • Trevor Grayeb- France, Legal
  • Kate Kelley- Gabon, Legal
  • CJ Biggs- Russian Fed, UNEP
  • Veronica Dulin- South AFrica, Security Council
Thanks to GLIMUN staffer Hayes Brown for submitting the article!
  • Collin Thomas Ryan Mathias

    Such a great conference! It was one of the best weekends of high school. I am sorry, but I do have to point out a few errors.
    1. Collin Mathias (under Honorable Mention) represented France, not South Africa. I should know, because I am Collin Mathias.
    2. Freida Blostein (under Honorable Mention) represented South Africa, not France.
    3. It is just Bob Wang (under Best Delegates).

    Sorry, I am just very protective of my teammates and our country (france)

    Vive le GLIMUN! Vive la France!!!!

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      Thanks for the edits — the updates have been made. Congrats on your success! Which school represented France?

      • Collin Thomas Ryan Mathias

        France was represented by Forest Hills Northern High School, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. We hope to be getting our name on your radar this year 😀

    • Hayes Brown


      Sorry about that! I cribbed the list from our World Press, editor, and what he sent probably wasn’t the finalized version. We were kind of in a rush to get it out the door for all of you to take home, so it was likely just not saved in final form.

      In any case, congrats to you and FH Northern!

      – Hayes

      • Collin Thomas Ryan Mathias

        Mr. President of the GA,

        Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t all that big of a deal, and I completely understand. There were a lot of delegates at the conference, probably quite difficult to deal with.

        And thank you for submitting this article!


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