GTMUN 2011 Recap and Awards

by KFC on October 24, 2011

Port Charlotte celebrates its wins at GTMUN

The 14th annual Georgia Tech Model United Nations (GTMUN) conference was the largest in the history of the conference and teams from throughout Georgia and Florida and as far away as Illinois made for a highly intense and dynamic debate in every one of its 14 traditional UN committees.

Port Charlotte High School’s United States delegation won the team’s 11th consecutive George P. Burdell Cup as the conference’s best country delegation. Port Charlotte (Florida) also took home a second place Outstanding Delegation award representing Pakistan. Port Charlotte had a total of 6 Outstanding Delegate (first place/gavel) awards and 9 Honorable Mention (second place) awards.

The University of Chicago Lab School also took home an Outstanding Delegation award for its Romania delegation. Chicago Lab represented Kenya and the Philippines as well and had a total of 7 Honorable Mention awards.

Gulf Coast High School (Florida) and the Centennial High School (Georgia) also won multiple awards. Gulf Coast represented Russian Federation and Japan and took home a total of 3 Outstanding Delegate awards and 3 Honorable Mention awards. Centennial represented the United Kingdom and had a total of 3 Outstanding Delegate awards and 1 Honorable Mention award.

Port Charlotte's USA delegation poses with the George P. Burdell Cup

Port Charlotte's Pakistan delegation won an Outstanding Delegation award

Gulf Coast High School was successful representing the Russian Federation at GTMUN

On the GTMUN website, a statement was released that congratulates all delegates:

Thank you to all of the schools who came to the 14th Session of the Georgia Tech Model United Nations. It was a productive and exciting conference and we would like to commend the delegates for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to the delegations representing Romania and Pakistan for winning Outstanding Delegation Awards and to the delegation representing the United States of America for winning the George P. Burdell Cup.

We hope everyone had an excellent time at our conference and look forward to seeing everyone again next fall!


Thanks to multiple readers who  submitted information about GTMUN!

  • Ashley Inman

    Hi Best Delegate!

    Just a correction, Gulf Coast took home three honorable mentions, not two 🙂

    Thanks for putting this up!

    • Zack Becker

      As the Russian Federation and Japan, Gulf Coast actually only took home 2 Outstanding Delegate awards and 2 Honorable Mention awards. Including the UNMIL Crisis Committee, Gulf Coast took home 3 of each.

      • Ashley Inman

        You are correct. My apologies, I did not realize we were differentiating between the two, I thought we were only going by awards allocated to each school.

        • Anonymous

          “Gulf Coast represented Russian Federation and Japan and took home a total of 3 Outstanding Delegate awards and 2 Honorable Mention awards.” Direct quote from before it was amended to 3 Honorable Mention awards. I was pointing out that Gulf Coast also participated in the UNMIL Crisis Committee, earning another Outstanding Delegate and Honorable Mention award. Building on the first part of the original statement, mentioning only Russian Federation and Japan and NOT the Crisis Committee, it would have been 2 of each. So a mistake was apparently made, just trying to clarify. Thank you.

          • Best Delegate

            Just to clarify: Gulf Coast as a school took home 3 Outstanding Delegate awards and 3 Honorable Mention awards, correct? This includes their representation in all committees.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, thank you.

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  • Trisha Dalapati

    Would like to mention that Centennial High School also represented the delegation of Mexico.

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