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Guest Poem! The Night Before the Conference

by Ryan on January 26, 2011

Today’s poem was written by Aakruti Vakharia of Rutgers Model UN. I saw it on my Facebook Newsfeed a few weeks ago and, after reading it, I got her permission to post it on Best Delegate.

This poem captures the mood of a high school freshman going to their MUN conference with an open mind and a desire to succeed. Many high school students are attending their first MUN conference tomorrow at HMUN and ILMUNC, and I thought they might appreciate it. I also thought it fitting to post today before McMUN, which is the last MUN conference for many college seniors, including Aakruti.

This is what she wrote:

“As you all know, I’ve been doing Model UN since 9th grade. McMun (at the end of this month) may very well be my last Model UN conference, so I found it funny that I came across a poem I wrote in HS, right before McMUN. I forgot I even wrote this poem lolz. This poem is about the moments leading up to the first committee session of the conference. Enjoy!”

The First Night:
I stare out the window,
watching trees pass me by.
I think where I’m going,
my excitement gets me high.

I step off the bus,
with my bookbag in hand,
I pick up my suitcase,
I walk in and then stand.

I wait for my room key.
When I get it, I go
up to my room,
to prepare for the “show.”

Opening ceremonies
begin and I feel
evermore excited
at the clapping hands’ peal.

As soon as it ends
I get up and leave.
I walk around and I find
my committee with ease.

I step in and sit down
and I wait for the Chair.
My opponents seem good
so I better beware.

I’m excited as ever,
As committee begins.
I’m eyeing the Gavel,
Determined to win!

  • KFC

    That’s awesome! Hope to meet you at McMUN this weekend!

  • Aakruti

    Thanks KFC (Nice initials haha). I don’t think I saw you there. I was in the Special Commission on Children.

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