High School Championship Weekend: NHSMUN, CMUNC and more! Plus Best Delegate speaking at NHSMUN!

by KFC on March 8, 2011

It’s high school championship weekend! Best Delegate will not only be liveblogging at the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference this weekend, but we are also scheduled to speak at the advisors panel — the other speakers in the lineup are from Kiva and the World Bank! We are thrilled about the opportunity and look forward to sharing our experiences. In the meantime, here is the weekend championship analysis as well as conference preview:

Championship Analysis

NHSMUN draws many of the best high school Model UN programs around the world to its setting in New York City and the United Nations to compete for what is essentially the high school championship.

However, several Best Delegate readers have pointed out that several of the most successful MUN programs are actually at different conferences this weekend. Harvard HMUN champion The Dalton School, HMUN runner-up Horace Mann High School, and U.Penn ILMUNC champion West Windsor Plainsboro High School South will all be going head-to-head at Cornell’s CMUNC, while Georgetown NAIMUN runner-up Port Charlotte High School will be close to home at Florida Gulf Coast’s SWFLMUN.

Nevertheless, competition at NHSMUN is expected to be fierce. Based off this seasons results to date, the front runner to win Best Delegation is Mira Costa High School after watching them dominate the awards at U.Chicago MUNUC.

National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN)

NHSMUN is hosted by the International MUN Association and will be hosting its 37th conference in New York City and the United Nations Headquarters. Over 3,000 high school students from over 150 schools and over 20 countries are expected to participate at the conference. The conference features a huge lineup of 25 traditional UN committees and the staff hails from a variety of colleges. NHSMUN also partnered up with the Norwegian Permanent Mission to the UN to put on the 2011 Trygve Lie Youth Initiative multimedia challenge. The Secretary-General is Max Ross and the Director-General is Chris Talamo, both of Dartmouth College.

*Editor’s Note: Chris Talamo attended high school with Best Delegate‘s Ryan Villanueva and appears in our guide: How Model UN Can Help You Get into College.

Other conferences this week:

Special shout outs to our friends and readers at Cornell University and York University — we wish both staffs a successful conference!

Good luck to all the delegates!

  • Coral Reef Mun

    Great website. The FIMUN website is linked to the wrong site. Their site is at

    • http://bestdelegate.com Ryan

      Thank you! FIMUN link updated

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  • James

    CMUNC awards:
    Best Large- The Dalton School
    Outstanding Large- West Windsor Plainsboro Highschool South
    Best Small- South Africa MUN
    Outstanding Small- Boulder Highschool

    • KFC

      Thank you! Cornell said they’d be submitting a recap and we’ll include these awards into the article.

  • R Timberlake

    Many great schools, conference ran well. Big committees were under control epsecially those delegates who got and earned “timeouts” !! Chairs seemed to be well versed in areas of topic and thus able to see faux / fantasy solutions for what they are.The international participation continues to grow.

    Down side: too many people as evidenced by a jammed closing ceremonies. Novice schools were often lost and should probably do SUSSMUN. Nationals is no the way to learn MUN appropriately as a novice. Unless you want the school of hard knocks. Closing ceremonies should always be short sweet and to the point. Personal stories and thanks can be done with the people deserving at gatherings held later in the day. Which all conferences have. Personally closing ceremonies should take no more than 30 minutes. Schools have buses / planes to catch and with todays security measures these are often dicey at best. Talking at delegates who have no personal idea who this person is inappropriate. Giving personal thanks to those one has worked with much more meaningful. Best words of any speech “in conclusion”.

    With that said NHSMUN once agin was ran very well and the most important people to any deleagte, the chairs, did a great job running all manner and style of committee. Congratulations

    • KFC

      I agree it was a great conference. The conference was professionally run, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the overwhelming response from the students was that they had a lot of fun and enjoyed their weekend.

      Hopefully we can help address some of the downsides, including better training and access to local conference information so that schools select conferences that match their competitive readiness. I also agree that it’s been an on-going issue at many conferences that opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies are poorly designed for the audience — they should really be inspirational, fun, and for the delegates. UNA-USA’s GCIMUN knows how to do this well including usage of the UN General Assembly Hall.

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