High School Model UN Preseason Rankings

by KFC on September 20, 2011

Will Dalton be #1 this year?

The high school season kicks off this weekend at SOCOMUN and we have our preseason rankings for you!

We divided the high school circuit into six regional leagues — New York League, Mid-Atlantic League, California League, Midwest League, Southern League, and New England League — for the rankings. We’ll maintain League rankings throughout the season and start national rankings mid-season.

Once we get a better view of the THIMUN circuit — we hope to attend THIMUN and THIMUN Singapore — we’ll also start rankings for schools outside the United States.

Our preseason rankings for each of the six American regional leagues — New York League, Mid-Atlantic League, California League, Midwest League, Southern League, and New England League — are listed below. Leagues are meant to represent the top teams in specific geographical areas. In some of these areas, there is a conference that could be considered to be a regional championship — BMUN in California or MUNUC in the Midwest, for example — but teams will earn points toward their rankings for awards won from all conferences held in the United States and Canada. The top 13 teams listed in each league below is a preseason ranking and the teams on each list may change throughout the season as awards results come in.

Team strength and conference schedules change every year, so we won’t know which teams will be the best regionally and nationally until the awards results are in. Nevertheless, we were able to create preseason rankings based on how teams performed last year, our observations about which teams are trending up or down, and by early indications of conference schedules for each team. We’ll use a formula of weighted points earned from each conference once we have some real results, but here are your preseason rankings for now with league analyses below the chart:

High School Model UN Preseason Rankings 2011-12 


New York League

New York has some of the most recognizable names in Model UN and its powerhouse teams should contend for a high national ranking again, although its teams may have to start attending more conferences as one big win may no longer cut it at that level. Fortunately, they have some solid conferences to choose from including NHSMUN, CMUNC, CMUNCE, and GCIMUN among others (plus most teams travel to the major conferences in New England and the Mid-Atlantic as well). Dalton should be a favorite for the top national ranking with Horace Mann closely behind. Oceanside and Scarsdale should also contend for a high ranking.

Mid-Atlantic League

New Jersey had the most Top 25 ranked teams out of any state last year, and when combined with Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and DC it makes the Mid-Atlantic League perhaps the strongest in the nation. The League has plenty of major conferences in its region to display their competitiveness including ILMUNC, NAIMUN, PMUNC, RUMUN, WAMUNC, JHUMUN, and PhilMUN (plus schools can always travel north to conferences in New York and New England). Long-time New Jersey rivals West-Windsor Plainsboro HS South, West-Windsor Plainsboro HS North, East Brunswick, and JP Stevens should contend for a high national ranking, and Eastern Regional, Franklin, and Al Ghazaly should be competitive too. Bergen County Academies and Northeast Catholic should also make an impact in this league as well.

California League

The competitive California League is deep with about 20 to 25 solid teams. However, it’s highly possible that the top teams in the league may not necessarily be the ones who get ranked nationally — that will depend on which teams win BMUN and travel outside of California to compete. Nevertheless, we still expect strong rivalries to continue locally as California has the most conferences of any league including BruinMUN, UCIMUN, SMUNC, Davis MUN, TritonMUN, GauchoMUN, RHSMUN, MVHSMUN, and THSMUN. Traditional California powerhouses Mira Costa, Cerritos, Huntington Beach, and Santa Margarita along with upstarts Gunn, League of Creative Minds, and Milken Community should travel and compete for national recognition, while Edison, Mission Viejo, University, Peninsula, and Tustin should compete for top regional honors.

Midwest League

Can rivalries be renewed in this league? MUNUC is the conference that almost all Midwest League teams historically attend, but some of the schools opted to travel East instead last year which prevented some of the Chicago powerhouses from going head-to-head. On the positive side, that allowed Midwest League teams more exposure since the Midwest does not have many major conferences outside of Illinois and Michigan. Besides MUNUC, the action should be interesting at MSUMUN, CIMUN, NUMUN, UMMUN, and GLIMUN. Chicago Lab is still the class of this league, but we expect strong performances from St. Ignatius Prep, Adlai Stevenson, Highland Park, and the Miami Valley School.

Southern League

Don’t sleep on the South. There aren’t many major conferences here besides WMHSMUN, but Southern teams travel well to other regions and win big. We’re hoping more local conferences can develop in this region to give these excellent teams more exposure, especially in the competitive Florida circuit. Port Charlotte (Florida) should be even better this year and is still the dominating power in the region, but teams from many different states such as Centennial (Georgia), Richland Northeast (South Carolina), Clark (Texas), Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology (Virginia), and White Station (Tennessee) can more than hold their own against the best from the East Coast. Look for a second competitive Florida school — perhaps Gulf Coast or Canterbury — to be a darkhorse in our national rankings, too.

New England League 

New England League teams are dominated by prep schools. Most of these schools have solid teams, but they are relatively small and don’t compete much outside their region so they may have a harder time gaining national recognition. Nevertheless, with HMUN, YMUN, BosMUN, BUSUN, and many other conferences to choose from, teams will have a chance to win big at the few conferences they do attend. Top teams should include Hotchkiss, Waynflete, Dana Hall, the Hopkins School, and Concord Academy. St. John’s Prep and the Bromfield School should also make an impact in the league.

Other Notable Schools

We didn’t place Boulder High School (Colorado) in a league since none of them would accurately represent their region, but the school might be the best team out in the Southwest. Two Indian schools traveled to the USA last year and won big: The Cathedral and John Connon School and the Amity International School. Maidstone Grammar School from the United Kingdom had the best success in the USA last year among European schools. As for Canadian schools, St. George’s School and the Toronto French School did well in the USA last year too.

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  • Guest

    Will we at one point see a ranking of all the schools at the end of the year (like what happened last year?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

      Yes, we’ll do a combined national top 25 just like last year. We wanted to wait for some awards results to come in first before we do that. It’s pretty hard to predict a national top 25 since a big part of our methodology depends on which major conferences each team attends (and wins) and we don’t know where everyone will be going yet.

      • Guest

        Are you guys going to be changing the weighting of each conference based on the schools that attend this year, since you have a benchmark in last years rankings?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

          Yes it will depend on how large the conference is and how many top schools attend. That varies every year and it’s not guaranteed that a conference will maintain the same level of competitiveness every year.

          • Jake

            So can it be expected that pmunc’s weight will be increased due to the presence of WWP South, WWP North, Horace Mann, Dalton, Princeton High School and bergen county academies (all either nationally or regionally ranked)?

          • Guest

            Agreed– I think PMUNC will undoubtedly be the most competitive conference this year, or at least one of them, which is why I suggest you guys put it up there on the “Most Competitive” level.

          • Guest

            I would also suggest trying to live blog PMUNC as well. By live bloging HMUN, BD was able to take into consideration schools that did not win delegation awards but otherwise won a lot of awards. Doing the same thing at PMUNC might allow certain schools that compete for awards at PMUNC against some of the top schools in the region/country to get greater recognition

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

            We’ll see. We’re scheduled to go to UPMUNC (college conference) and RHSMUN that weekend.

            We took into consideration schools from HMUN because it’s a much larger conference and because we had the full awards data to work with whereas we didn’t have that for PMUNC last year.

          • Pete

            Apparently RUMUN won’t have any NJ schools this year, due to a scheduling conflict with the NJ Teacher’s Convention. All of the NJ schools that used RUMUN as their premier winter conference (EB, West-Windsor, Franklin, etc) will now flock to PMUNC, making it much more competitive than years past. And don’t be surprised if RUMUN debate is down in quality due to the lack of NJ schools.

          • Anonymous

            PMUNC had more than 1100 delegates this year, so it was large enough to be considered a ‘large’ conference by you all here a Best Delegate. In addition, it did include many of the most competitive schools in the country. One participating school that I didn’t see in previous comments was UChicago Lab, which brought a small delegation.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

            Yes if all those teams keep winning at other conferences too.

          • Guest

            Don’t forget East Brunswick.. Making PMUNC a conference with 5+ Top 25 Teams. Just a suggestion for BD. Great work so far guys.

  • Simpledudeishere


  • Jim Woodbury

    As the advisor of Cambridge-Isanti, it is a priviledge to be considered one of the top programs in the country. We have high expectations for the upcoming year as we keep growing as a individuals and as a team. Thanks to Best Delegate for noticing our small central Minnesota school as one of the best!

    James Woodbury
    Lead Advisor of Cambridge-Isanti High School Model UN

    • Derrick Whang


  • Phones

    Please don’t tell me you are going to do the same regional rankings for colleges. :/

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

      What’s wrong with regional rankings? =P

      • Phones

        It’s okay and well intentioned. I think the college circuit should be more like a pre-season top 25. Sort of like the different sports have their respective polls. No offense meant. 🙂 BD always does a great job.

  • Chergai Rittenberg

    I think it will be a great addition to add THIMUN rankings. Even though, it is not very common to rank schools that participate in THIMUN. More or less, everyone knows who has a stronger team.
    I can’t wait.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

      I’m curious to find out what are the well-known teams in the THIMUN circuit

      • Chergai Rittenberg

        You will have much. I am very excited for you. I wish I could see you in Singapore. One thing is you will see that some of the strong teams go to both THIMUN and THIMUN Singapore. You will also find they have their own THIMUN-affliated conference.
        Tell me how you liked it.

        • Chergai Rittenberg

          You will have much fun*

  • Tim Doner


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1232340624 Greg Pennington

    How in the world has Phillips Academy been omitted from these rankings? When I was in high school (4 years ago) they absolutely dominated NAIMUN and had a sterling program.

    • Gabe Schecter

      It’s because you guys are nothing compared to DMUN.

      • Colin Mark

        Remember writing this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kerry-Lynn-Lanzo/1229070385 Kerry Lynn Lanzo

      I have no idea! I was co-pres of Andover’s team last year (2011) and we won 32/37 awards at BosMUN. we deffffffinitely beat almost all the teams on the new england rankings up there last year, at invitationals we hosted/went to AND national conferences. we haven’t gone to NAIMUN since 2009 because of budget cuts (ventre and roberts… grrr…) but this year a ton of money mysteriously appeared and they’re looking to go to uchicago, BosMUN, and maybe NAIMUN. i’m appalled we aren’t on here!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2505945 Kevin Felix Chan

        Hi Greg and Kerry,

        We’ll be on the look out for Phillips Academy this year. Last year was our first time compiling awards data and doing rankings and as such, it’s not going to be perfect or complete the first time around (it’s highly possible that we didn’t have complete data for the conferences your school attended). However, we will be at BosMUN and NAIMUN this year and potentially be at MUNUC as well. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Conard High School!!!!

  • Nick Barber

    Conard Highschool= LOL.

  • GCHS

    Gulf Coast, woo!

  • Sam Stone

    Dalton MUN is the only good team on this list. Every other school is horrible at MUN compared to us.

  • Derrick Whang

    You should just give us at dalton the number 1 spot and be done with it. It’d save everyone a lot of time, and all the other schools wouldn’t have to waste money going to conferences they’re already going to lose at.

    • Anonymous

      Wait and see dalton, wait and see. from what i observed at GTMUN, PCHS has a solid team. Many of there best delegates were hosed out of awards, and they still one the top two spots in the delegation awards. this is truly saying something about their program. They beat out schools such as Centennial and Chicago lab.

    • Anonymous

      This is not Derek Whang because the real Derek Whang would know how to spell his first name right.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHWTJC6PJ4ZLODYRRB5GULTTW4 Derek

      this is the real derek whang and I am offended that someone would do this with my name. Honestly this sounds like something someone from a certain school in the new york area would do, but I won’t point fingers.

  • guest1

    Best Delegate!
    Make sure to look out for NAIMUN this year it will surely be the High School Championship with Mira Costa, Dalton, West Windsor South, U Chicago Labs, Horace Mann, and Port Charlotte all attending.

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