High School MUN Rankings Review: October 2011

by KFC on November 9, 2011

Port Charlotte extended its winning streak at GTMUN

The high school Model UN season kicked-off for most schools in October. We have recaps of the regional action at GTMUN, EHSMUN, BUMUN, KnightMUN, and VUMUN so that rivals can scout out their national competition in other regions. And the national competition figures to be fierce this year. This is especially the case at Georgetown NAIMUN — our scouting report tells us that at least 6 of last year’s top 10 teams will be at NAIMUN this year! We’ll release our first set of high school MUN rankings and the methodology in December, but in the meantime here are the October conference recaps.

October Recaps

Georgia Tech GTMUN

Roughly 1,000 delegates attended Georgia Tech’s GTMUN in its largest conference ever. The conference gives delegation awards by country rather than by school. Port Charlotte (Florida) won the George P. Burdell Cup for Best Delegation and added an additional Outstanding Delegation to its win. Chicago Lab (Illinois) also won an Outstanding Delegation. Gulf Coast (Florida) and Centennial (Georgia) also performed well. The dramatic increase in size of the conference should give the award winners an early season boost in its rankings this year.


Edison High School hosted roughly 600 delegates in the competitive Southern California circuit. Mira Costa and Huntington Beach took the Best Large Delegation awards while Mission Viejo and Santa Margarita received the Best Medium-Sized Delegation awards. Laguna Beach and St. Margaret’s took Best Small Delegation. Cerritos and Tustin were among other schools that had many award winners. EHSMUN is only a preview of the competition — the bigger contest takes place in November at UCLA BruinMUN.

Horace Mann HoMMUNC

The conference does not give delegation awards, but the Dalton School won eight of the ten Best Delegate awards and clearly dominated the awards at the conference. Other schools that won many awards include Stuyvesant High School, Brooklyn Friends School, and Horace Mann.

Baylor BUMUN

The home-schooled team called Strada (Texas) won Best Delegation and Ronald Reagan (Texas) placed second at the BUMUN conference. Johnson (Texas) also performed well.


The Canterbury School (Florida) won Best Delegation at this 400-delegate conference hosted by the University of Central Florida.

Vanderbilt VUMUN

McCallie (Tennessee) won Best Large Delegation at VUMUN.

Royal Russell Model United Nations

The oldest MUN conference in the United Kingdom celebrated its 30th anniversary by hosting over 80 schools from over 8 countries. The three Outstanding Delegation awards went to St. Andrews School (Ireland), Terenure College (Ireland), and Haberdashers Boys School (United Kingdom).

November Conferences

October is just the beginning of the season. The action heats up significantly in November with major conferences such as UCLA BruinMUN, McGill SSUNS, Brown BUSUN, Rutgers RUMUN, SUSMUN in Atlanta, Virginia VAMUN, and William & Mary WMHSMUN. Regional action also continues with multi-day conferences such as Stanford SMUNC, Contra Costa CCCMUN, Connecticut UCMUN, Arkansas AMUN, and Tustin High School THSMUN among others. The results from November will have a much bigger impact on the national rankings as most of the schools will probably need a regional victory on their resumes to differentiate themselves from their national rivals.

Outside the United States, THIMUN Singapore and THIMUN Qatar highlight the schedule for many schools in those regions. The European circuit is in full swing too with the Iberian, Berlin, Leiden, Isai, and MUNISH Hague conferences taking place.

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If anyone has information about the Washington University WUMUNS conference, please email me at kfc@nullbestdelegate.com so we can give recognition to the award winners.


Note: The mission of Best Delegate is to promote Model UN. Our intent in any of the rankings-related articles is to recognize the successes of teams and hope that these teams can use the publicity to further improve. Awards should not be the end goal but rather a by-product of the educational experience of Model UN. 

  • Anonymous

    Will Best Delegate be live blogging PMUNC? It’s sure to be the first big conference of the year. Currently booked at its full capacity of 1200 delegates; Dalton, WW-P South, UChicago Lab, Horace Mann, Oceanside and WW-P North are all attending. So far, that’s 6 out of the top 10 teams. In fact, based on the conference size and the schools attending, it will not only be the first big conference of the 2011-2012 school year, but probably one of the most competitive.

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