HNMUN and McMUN Tie as Best North American Conference of 2013-2014

by KFC on May 21, 2014

We asked the optional question in the North America College Model UN All-Star Team nomination forms, “In your opinion, what was the best conference you attended this year as a DELEGATE?” Over 250 voters responded to the optional question, and the results are listed below.

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HNMUN and McMUN received the most votes as the “Best Conference” in North America for 2013-2014

HNMUN and McMUN tied as the best North American Conference for the 2013-2014 school year with 14.8% of all votes each. UPMUNC was a close third and was followed by ChoMUN in fourth place. It is worth noting that the place rank of these four conferences roughly correspond with the number of North American delegates attending each of the conferences — it’s possible that each conference is equally liked on a per delegate basis but are ranked simply by size. CMUNNY came in fifth despite having taken place at the beginning of the year and stood out among the mid-sized conferences. Other mid-sized conferences to make the top ten include UCBMUN, LAMUN, VICS, and SCSY. WPMUNI is the only small conference to make the top ten list.

Overall, the diverse distribution of “best” conference — and perhaps a proportional distribution given the correlation of place rank with conference size — shows that delegates are seeking different types of experiences from college Model UN and that there are many high quality conferences in the North American college Model UN circuit to serve those diverse interests.

Best Conference in North America

1 (tie). Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN): 14.8% of all votes

1 (tie). McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN): 14.8% of all votes

3. University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC): 13.6% of all votes

4. Chicago Model United Nations (ChoMUN): 10.5% of all votes

5. Columbia Model United Nations in New York (CMUNNY): 5.8% of all votes

6. University of California, Berkeley Model United Nations (UCBMUN): 4.6% of all votes

7 (tie). Los Angeles Model United Nations (LAMUN): 3.9% of all votes

7 (tie). Virginia International Crisis Simulation (VICS): 3.9% of all votes

9 (tie). Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY): 3.1% of all votes

9 (tie). West Point Model United Nations Invitational (WPMUNI): 3.1% of all votes

All other conferences in North America: 21.9% of all votes

The results are interesting but should be taken with a grain of salt for the following reasons:

  • The sample size of 250+ votes does not represent the entire circuit much less the entire North American college MUN community. That said, the median conference size hovers around 300 delegates so the sample size does have some validity.
  • The sample size was self-selective. They had to have participated in the voting for the North American All-Star Team and decided to answer the optional question. This also meant a bias toward “World Division” university-hosted conferences as most All-Star Team voters came from that circuit.
  • The question only allowed participants to input the best conference as opposed to rating each conference individually.


What was your favorite conference of 2013-2014? 

  • JJred

    Honestly, this article yet again only proves how bias and moronic this website has become. It has devolved nothing more into the Ivy League schools circljerking each other and their pitiful conferences which I have experienced first hand.
    Let me say that anyone who is familiar with Model UN and has a brain knows that National Model United Nations is the best conference in North America and Globally. They actually emphasize realism, consensus and resolution writing. Not some people awkwardly debating with each other. The difference in quality of delegates at HNMUN and NMUN is absurd. Schools at NMUN, such as BYU, Oshkosh, Alma, UCSB and various other schools have put forth people delegates that outclassed anyone I met at the Harvard Conference. It’s kind of sad since those participants are suppose to be educated at elite schools and medium sized public and state schools outclass them.
    I just really have given up on this site and those who run it. Your evident focus on the World Circuit has reflected the quality and traffic received from here. This is not representative of Model UN as a whole and focuses overtly on Ivy League schools and conferences that lack quality.

    • akal

      I’m always surprised to hear people bashing national and world circuit conferences. Most people I’ve talked to who take such a stance have not attended enough of each division’s conferences to make the type of claim you’re making. Each type of conference, whether it be HNMUN, NMUN, SRMUN, ChoMUN, etc. offer different experiences. I’ve attended a lot of these conference myself and I’ve found that committees differ by the conference as well as by the directors themselves. The majority of these differences are stylistic however, such as the way crisis committees operate with notes or how director’s prefer preamblatory and operative clauses.

      Each committee is as unique as the types of people that interact in each setting; each delegate has a preference over what type of committee and conference they enjoy as well. It seems like you have a really clear idea of what type of MUN committee you enjoy. That’s cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. The article even states: “The sample size of 250+ votes does not represent the entire circuit much less the entire North American college MUN community.” However, being blatantly disrespectful to the world circuit contradicts the values and spirit of MUN. If you disagree with or dislike something it makes sense to propose how a committee, conference, or circuit can improve itself. Otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s time who’s looking for an intelligent discussion.

      • JJred

        I recognize that both conferences will have their differences but most of my dissatisfaction is directed with best delegate? Why? I viewed it about a few years back and the quality has significantly decreased as they do nothing but talk about world circuits and their “competitiveness.”
        World circuits do not reflect Model UN, they reflect debate. Model UN is not debate, Model UN is Model UN. When I was active in it, we did mission briefings where diplomats have told us directly that they received delegates from various world circuit conferences and stated that they do know how the UN or foreign policy substantially worked. They viewed it as a debate with a zero sum game where you don’t budge on negotiations. I can attest to my experiences with HMUN vs NMUN.
        NMUN barely receives any credit on this worthless website anymore because the half-witted admins love to cuddle close with the world circuits. They get in bed with the Ivy League and other “big name” schools solely for name recognition and not for actual conference quality. Their justification is that NMUN is “not competitive” anymore, despite the fact that they still give team and individual awards. If one were to simply analyze awards each year, it would be easy to devise a system for recognition, however it proves the admins here are even too incompetent or lazy for that as well.
        What makes NMUN more realistic and holistic is the fact it promotes consensus building. THAT IS WHAT THE UN ACTUALLY DOES! It builds consensus. Actual resolutions are often adopted by CONSENSUS. The real UN is not a debate forum, it is a negotiation forum. NMUN reflects this a high degree. HMUN does not. If HMUN wants to focus on debate than switch it to a debate conference. Otherwise Model UN is meant to reflect ACTUAL UN principles, not vaguely mimic them with a twist of poor quality debate.

    • Erik

      JJred- Both circuits obviously have very different educational objectives- whether those be an in-depth study of the United Nations, or practice in social leadership, or analytic and adaptive reasoning, which is why I think Model United Nations is such an awesome experience. Schools can find what kind of conference that works best for them, and attend those. I know personally that when we started Ohio State’s travelling team 2 years ago we went to conferences of each kind, and ultimately enjoyed World Division conferences more and thought they were better run, however that may just be the preference of our delegates specifically.

      As far as this article goes, however, Best Delegate isn’t endorsing any kind of conference or circuit. This is strictly them publishing the result of votes which were open to the North American Model UN community as a whole. I think if you realized the broad distribution of universities that the different members of the Media Team attend (you can see them here: your concerns about the Ivy League schools would be mitigated.

  • Friv 2

    I agree with your comments and I hope that it will be much more rewarding to share

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