Horace Mann Hosts Largest Single-Day High School Conference on the East Coast

by Nikita on November 8, 2012

HoMMUNC delegates participating in committee

On October 27th, the Horace Mann School Model United Nations team hosted its own single-day high school conference, the largest on the East coast. The school welcomed almost 1000 delegates from 5 different states for a day of stimulating debate on topics ranging from Iran’s nuclear program to the right to education.

Each year, the Horace Mann team looks to reach out to the international community and the school’s local community through community service efforts. This year, the club initiated a new community based initiative called MUNtors. The club has formed a relationship with the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics where club members have helped mentor and prepare delegates who are new to Model UN. In addition, BCSM and Horace Mann students prepared together during “mockmuncs.” Secretary-General Max Bernstein explains that “the club is looking forward to establishing a lasting relationship with the Bronx Center of Science and Mathematics. It was a great experience for our team to be able to reach out and interact with new Model UN programs in our local community.”

Additionally, HoMMUNC XXVII featured a 150 person novice committee directed toward delegates who are new to Model UN. The committee reviewed parliamentary procedure and resolution writing while simultaneously participating in the full Model UN experience. Secretary-General Colin Mark hopes that the novice committee “provided delegates who might otherwise feel uncomfortable in a fast-paced committee with a chance to excel at Model UN. The novice committee is a big step toward our goal of bringing MUN to as many students in our area as possible.”

The conference awarded delegation awards for the first time this year. The Dalton School won Best Delegation, Stuyvesant High School won Outstanding Delegation, and The Trinity School won Honorable Delegation. Additionally, the Horace Mann School underclassmen team was very successful, but not eligible to receive a team award.

“HoMMUNC XXVII was truly a great success. The entire Horace Mann team should be very proud of what they have accomplished. Through the novice committee and our new MUNtors program, we have been able to share our love for Model UN with students who might not otherwise participate, and to Max, Colin, and I that has been the most rewarding part of this experience,” said Secretary-General Elizabeth Rosenblatt.

For further information about HoMMUNC XXVII and next years conference, contact secretary-general@nullhommunc.org or visit the website at www.hommunc.org.

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