How I Met Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

by ghediram on January 19, 2015


Media Chair Mohamed Ghedira asking Ban Ki Moon a few questions


Getting involved in Model United Nations gives you the opportunity to develop many qualities in public speaking, it offers you the keys to understand the diplomatic codes of our world, it allows you to have a better knowledge of international relations and to master the United Nations procedures. Furthermore, getting involved with a Model United Nations club in your country is also a marvelous way to meet people you would never have met otherwise.

In fact, it is thanks to my active involvement with several MUN activities that I had the chance to meet the United Nations Secretary General Mister Ban Ki Moon during his visit to Tunisia in last October. During this visit, Mister Ban Ki Moon showed the support of the United Nations for the democratic transition that Tunisia is experiencing. As the President of Tunisian International Model United Nations association (TIMUN), I had the honor to represent the TIMUN association during the conference that has been organized in his honor, in which Mister Ban Ki Moon met with different components and different representatives of the Tunisian civil society.

During this conference, I asked the Secretary General a two parts question. First, I asked him about his efforts to support NGOs and Tunisian civil society to achieve their goals to maintain a sustainable development. Also, I asked him about the goals of the post-2015 agenda and he assured me that the United Nations were really determinated to support the young democratic civil society in Tunisia and all the democratic process in the Arabic Country of the Arab Spring moreover, he also said that the United Nations want to provide their support to all the young people around the world calling for more freedom, rights and democraty.

Being able to stand in front of a prestigious crowed and to ask Mister Ban Ki Moon personally was a dream come true for me but beyond the fact that being involved in Model United Nations has allowed me to participate in many simulations, trainings and workshops, the commitment to Model United Nations has given me the opportunity to take part of many memorable experiences. As a twenty years old man, I am proud to say that I was fortunate enough to meet the United Nations Secretary General. It was such an inspiring moment for me especially being surrounded by diplomats from around the world and by the United Nations delagation. Furthermore, I was really surprised by the modesty, kindness and consistency of the Secretary General.

In a world undergoing very profound changes, in which humanity is endangered, the United Nations, represented by Mister Ban Ki Moon, has contributed to make the world a better place for all of us and for the future generations. Getting involved in Model United Nations did not only allow me to be active in debating and better at public speaking but also allowed me to meet many important personalities, who are thriving to make our world a better one.

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