How to Help Japan Relief Efforts

by Ryan on March 17, 2011

The thoughts and prayers of the Best Delegate team go out to those affected by the crisis in Japan. If you would like to learn more about relief efforts and donate to crisis relief, the best online resource I’ve found has been’s crisis response website. It has the latest news, emergency numbers, and options for donating online to various relief organizations. You can also donate directly to the American Red Cross on their website.

I also wanted to share the video below that shows children in Haiti watching what’s happening in Japan and feeling for those who are affected. For Best Delegate readers, this video is a powerful reminder that Model UN helps us understand other peoples’ perspectives, but we have to take that understanding with us beyond the committee and the conference and make an impact on the world. Thank you to McMUN Secretary-General Nida Nizam for sending me this video and encouraging me to share it on Best Delegate.

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